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ISO Green & Black's Chocolate bars

I'm looking for Green & Black's chocolate bars in Toronto, downtown preferable. Has anyone found them?

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  1. I've seen them at the Kitchen Table in the Atrium and the Big Carrot on Danforth at Chester (more selection). Good luck!

    1. Whole Foods Market on Avenue Road
      Noah's at Bloor & Spadina or Yonge & Eglinton
      Kitchen Table (various locations)

      I think I saw them at Fresh & Wild @ King & Spadina as well.

      Hope that helps :)

      1. Baldwin's Natural Foods has a wide selection, and they sell them cheaper than I've seen elsewhere. My favorite is Mayan Gold -- orange chocolate!

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          I totally agree about Baldwin NF being a great place for chocolates, both for variety and price. I think the Green & Black bars go for $2.99 ea. The owner keeps ordering different types, so it's a great place to try some new flavours - I just bought one with lemon & black pepper which was gobbled up by my hubby.

          1. re: tampopo

            Lemon & black pepper? Sounds scrumptious.
            I tried ginger. It was good, but not great. The Mayan gold is the only line that is fair trade as well as organic. I read Carol Off's book Bitter Chocolate and really got my eyes opened to the cocoa trade...

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              I saw the Green and Black chocolate bars at the Dominion at Lawrence and Bathurst in the health food section.

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                I ve seen them in several supermarket chains (including Dominion and Sobeys). But they all seem to stock only 4 flavours, not the entire range (and not orange or lemon).

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                Unfortunately, the lemon & black pepper was not Green & Black. Probably not fair trade.....and I don't have the package since it disappeared too quickly. I guess I'll be heading to Baldwin street soon.

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                  Sometimes Baldwin's carries the small individually wrapped Green and Black chocolates. Yes, bad for the environment, but great for sampling!

          2. Good selection and price at Tutti Frutti in Kensington Market.

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              Sunvalley at Pape and Danforth carries them.

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                I saw a gift box set the other day at Shoppers Drug Mart on the Lakesore.

            2. you can add shoppers drug mart to the list

              1. Also seen at the South Market at St. Lawrence Market - in the bulk food store near the back.

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                  Domino's. I think they're $3.99 each. When I was there last weekend I checked the name for the first time in my life. It's always just been the bulk store.

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                    Thanks lissar. Domino's is a much better name than the "bulk store".

                2. Thanks for all the suggestions - I ended up picking up two bars (Mayan Gold (?) and Dark) from Noah's yesterday - they are currently on sale for $3.29/bar, or $3.75 with tax.

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                    you stole my post! I searched for the thread to bring up the sale :)

                    I bought the chocolate/ ginger.

                  2. Not downtown, but Ambrosia in Thornhill is selling them for $2.44 /100gm each this month of Dec. My wife came home with a stack a few days ago, had a few different flavors as well.

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                      I saw them today at Organics on Bloor in the annex (468 Bloor St., http://www.organicsonbloor.com/).

                      They had a few unusual flavors, like caramel and perhaps something spicy (sorry, I wasn't paying too much attention).

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                        strictly bulk on the Danforth (at pape) has them

                    2. This is mid-town not downtown, but if you are near Bayview & Eglinton E., Nunzio's Fine Foods carries a good selection of them (1605 Bayview just s. of Eg.). I love the 70% & higher dark, but they also had one - was it Mayan Gold - a bit spicy? - that was delightful!

                      1. What's all the buzz around ISO Green & Black bars all about?
                        Can someone enlighten this chocolate lover?

                        1. It seems everyone's got a favourite G&B variant and that is why the brand is popular. I found the Butterscotch one at The Chocolate Box. Not as good as the salty Caramel, but still very nice.

                          1. JUST A POINT OF INTEREST ABOUT "BLACK AND GREEN";

                            Now a division of the "CADBURY" Chocolate people...( Heard on CBC Radio Wednesday morning so must be true) Hoping the quality remains.

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                              I'm pretty sure they've been majority-owned by Cadbury for a few years now.

                            2. where can I find green and black's raisin and hazelnut milk chocolate in toronto..we used to get it at our corner store at the corner of queen street and john. Unfortunately, not any more only the dark chocolate hazelnut and currant.

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                                Baldwin's Natural Foods near Baldwain and McCaul is having a sale on raising and hazelnut G&B bars. You're in luck! They also carry all the G&B brands.

                              2. Any one know where we might find some of bars in York Region? Preferably in the Markham & Richmond Hill areas.

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                                  These bars are a lot more common now.... you shouldn't have to hunt for them. I believe you can find them at Metro and maybe Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws.


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                                    Yep. You CAN find them at Loblaws now. Just bought a bar today at the Richmond Hill/High Tech Road location. They had 4 varieties. Dark Chocolate, Mint, Almond....not sure what the 4th was. Selling I believe for $3 or $4.00. Not expensive at all.

                                    Is there an Ontario based e-retailer for hard to find gourmet chocolate bars? Delivering to Toronto or based out of Toronto?

                                    What are some other brands to try? I only noticed this brand in the July issue of Wine & Food I bought. Otherwise I would never have known this brand name. Green & Black's. I bought the Almond.

                                2. Noah's at yonge and eglington

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