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Chocolate Fondue - Dipper Ideas?

Hi all,

I'll be going to a fondue party in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to bring something homemade to dip into the chocolate.

Any ideas? I was thinking of homemade marshmallows (never made before) or since I love orange + chocolate, either an orange angel or chiffon cake.

Any thoughts or other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd recommend a pound cake over angel/chiffon cakes. The denser pound cake holds its integrity better when dipped. Sounds like fun!

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      We've found cut up pieces of plain buttery croissants work even better (think chocolate croissant on a fork).

    2. I like to bake cookies as a bar cookie and then slice into cubes. Gingerbread, biscotti and sugar cookies all work well for this application.

      brioche is good when it is cubed

      Ive used baklava and rugelach, plus fruitcake/stollen/panettone

      1. while you said "homemade," I find fruits are much better dipped in chocolate than baked sweets.

        The texture contrast and intense flavors will win you over!

        Banana chunks
        Mandarin orange segments
        apple slices
        fresh pineapple chunks

        You could supply garnishes as small bowls of different chopped nuts (peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, Brazilnuts), coconut, etc.

        1. In addition to your homemade marshmallows, you might try the peppermint ones that are at TJ's now.

          I'd also say pretzels and shortbread cookies.

          1. On another thread, there's talk of a new bacon and chocolate bar, that sounds awesome. Maybe offer a few cubes of pancetta for those who want to try it? Might make for fun conversation.

            I just bought stuff to make homemade marshmallows, but haven't done it yet, but I'm sure would be good with fondue.

            How about those pretzel rods to dip?

            1. Thick cut potato chips. Sounds weird, but the sweet/salty/crunchy aspect is amazing.

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                Chocolate covered potato chips are a big seller and regional speciality in the Dakotas - sounds weird, yes, but they are very good.

              2. Frozen cheesecake bars cut into bite sized pieces.

                For the orange chocolate, how about little jaffa cakes?

                1. Candied peels, if you have time to make them. Make sure you cut them slightly larger, though, b/c the thin strips are hard to skewer. Along the same vein (or is it vane), crystalized ginger?

                  1. Pound cakes are always good for dipping because they won't fall apart so easily when you dip. Maybe you want to make some cookies to dip in too? One of the two...

                    Otherwise, most fruit is delicious dipped in some chocolate. Or pretzels...anything tastes good in chocolate!

                    1. Angelfood cake and bananas are always my favorite dippers. Marshmallows are a great idea.

                      1. another vote for pund cake. Cake is my favorite thing to dip in chocolate fondue. Something not yet mentioned but could be good: salted caramel.

                        1. Merengue cookies, speaking of TJ's.

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                            Is chocolate and gingerbread good together or is it a bit too much?

                          2. Not really original ideas but 2 of my favorites are pretzels and pretty much any fruit, especially strawberries or dried apricots.

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                              I'm with you on both counts. I'd also add chunks of candied ginger and possibly (if you have time) small cubes of Rice Krispies squares.

                            2. Shortbread cookies, sprinkled with chopped nuts after dipping. Presto! Your own Pepperidge Farm treat!

                              1. How about some smaller than standard biscotti? You know, if a recipe calls for two loaves, you could make three or four narrower loaves.

                                1. mini rice crispy treats

                                  brownie pieces

                                  peanut butter balls

                                  PB cookies

                                  Sugar cookies

                                  1. we just did this with friends last night and over the past few years it's become a tradition- dippers have included banannas, strawberries, pineapple, pretzel rods, pound cake, twinkies :), homemade marshmallows, and I like the idea of potato chips!

                                    1. Brian,

                                      Chocolate Fondue is a family favorite for Christmas Eve. We also do a warm Fondant Fondue. Dippers include pound cake, pretzel rods, Butter Nutters, marshmallows, biscotti and other store bought dippers. Our favorites are homemade baklava, coconut macaroons and ice cream filled cream puffs. HTH

                                      1. bare truffles, ready for dipping
                                        dried fruits like apricot coins
                                        small popcorn balls
                                        chewy caramels on a stick
                                        homemade nut bars (cut into small squares)
                                        frozen bananas

                                        1. Oh yeah I forgot rice crispy treats

                                          1. The best dipper I remember having was cubed then slightly staled banana nut bread. Letting it dry out made it easier to skewer and not fall apart. Yumm!