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Recommendations for Inexpensive in Poipu Beach,Kauai?

kerrywa Dec 3, 2007 04:45 PM

Got any?

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  1. Bill Hunt RE: kerrywa Dec 3, 2007 07:03 PM

    About Oct., or Nov., there were several reviews of mid-scale restaurants in the Poipu Area. I had just done a review of the higher-end spots, and then several folk did reviews of the mid-priced spots. Might want to do a Search (of this board), with "Poipu" in the criteria.


    1. bards4 RE: kerrywa Dec 3, 2007 07:29 PM

      Puka Dogs -- inexpensive hot dog stand. But really good.

      1. j
        jbol RE: kerrywa Dec 4, 2007 05:14 PM

        Easy.....Koloa Fish Market! Lunch specials include grilled ahi (butter & capers, wasabi sauce or ?) , fried chicken, korean chicken, lau lau and a few others including rice and salad for about $6-7. They also have a great selection of poke, smoked marlin and other items. Only problem is that they close fairly early at 4 or 5pm. Othewise I would eat here for dinner as well!

        1. k
          komokawa RE: kerrywa Dec 5, 2007 05:08 PM

          there is a place in Koloa town called tomkats (sp??) good hawaiian food. very local

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          1. re: komokawa
            Mag454 RE: komokawa Dec 6, 2007 08:59 PM

            I have never had a good meal at Tomkats, and only go there for drinks with friends. Would also avoid Pizzetta in Koloa as well. Puka Dogs in Poipu shopping center is generally thought as overpriced and mediocre, but was made popular by a special on Travel. Most of the restaurants in Poipu are rather expensive. You could try getting barfood at the bar in Keoki's, Plantation Gardens or the Point. I would say go to breakfast at Joe's on the Green, and get takeout at either Koloa Fish Market or Sueka's in Koloa. Mark's Place in Lawai is also really good for take out, but is all the way back on the highway, which is probably out of your way if you are looking to stay in the Poipu area. Most of the inexpensive restaurants in Kauai are not in the Poipu area, as it is a highly popular tourist area. Hope that helps!

          2. e
            easily amused RE: kerrywa Dec 7, 2007 02:59 AM

            Sueoka's Snack shop in Koloa town (minutes from Poipu) is a little shack attached to the grocery by the same name. The locals line up there to order the inexpensive yet tasty food. Hamburgers $1.20 Cheeseburgers $1.60. Fries etc.. They also have plate lunch.
            5392 Koloa Rd
            Best cheap eats in Kauai is of course Hamura's saimin !! Not in Poipu, but right in the heart of Lihue on Kress St. We usually head there directly from the airport. Really basic diner No credit cards accepted. Run by the same family for generations. Absolutely delicious soups. Also try the BBQ chicken sticks and finish with a piece of Lilikoi pie. That is about the extent of their menu. Not to be missed. Be prepared to wait for a stool around the original arborite counter on the weekends.

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            1. re: easily amused
              komokawa RE: easily amused Dec 12, 2007 03:51 PM

              their manapua is good too

            2. l
              LANewbie RE: kerrywa Dec 14, 2007 10:02 AM

              Kalaheo, about 15 mins away from Poipu, is a good town for inexpensive eats. Try Kalaheo Coffee Shop for breakfast or lunch. Brick Oven Pizza is delicious. Camp House Grill has good basic burgers, salads, and fries.

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              1. re: LANewbie
                nd33x RE: LANewbie Dec 14, 2007 01:46 PM

                I agree with Brick Oven Pizza. Good pizza, a lot of food and inexpensive. Just a short drive from Poipu.

                1. re: LANewbie
                  bards4 RE: LANewbie Dec 14, 2007 08:08 PM

                  I second the Camp House Grill, but only go to the original one. I don't even know if the other one is still there, but it was in Lihue (I think). But definitely go to the original.

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