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Dec 3, 2007 04:19 PM

Capitola eats?

Driving south on Wednesday... Ano Nuevo to count elephant seals... Phipps Ranch for dry beans ... Princeton or Santa Cruz for live crabs... Gayle's Bakery?
Any ideas? xoxoxo cynsa

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  1. Gayle's Bakery.......yum!

    Also there are some really nice places to eat in Aptos. The Farmhouse in Aptos is yummy like Gayle's.

    1. Gayle's is cozy and delicious smelling but can be awfully busy. Very high volume place.

      Have fun but watch out for crazy high tides and 25' surf!

        1. Hi Cynsa! Sorry I missed your post and didn't respond before your visit. So...did you make your journey southward yesterday? How did it go? Were there live crabs to be had in SC harbor? And how were Phipps and Gayle's?

          I haven't been to Gayle's in ages, but they are really popular w/ locals and tourists alike. As toodie jane said, they are high volume. They have such a wide variety of items that I find it a bit overwhelming and challenging to know what they do really well. I do think they make the best local bread.

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            fun--I just found out at my HS 40th that I went to school with Gayle, never knew it was her!

          2. don't care for gail's...pricey for what you get, very busy. I think there are many other better places nearby. someone mentioned the farm in Aptos, it's very good. Also the Buttery in Santa Cruz, much better than Gail's imho. I love thai basil in Capitola.