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Dec 3, 2007 04:03 PM

Cooking classes in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

I would like to find about participating in cooking classes in the area. Does anyone know any places that do this? Please let me know! Thanks!

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  1. Here's the listing from the Carnegie Library website:

      1. I have attended many classes at Rainia's in Mt. Lebanon. She should have a winter/spring schedule coming out soon - you can sign up for her mailing list. I have really enjoyed her classes, she always provides copies of all recipes, and there is usually wine while she is cooking! I have only attended the classes where she is cooking - but she has several guest chefs. The typical set up is you sit in her cooking studio and watch her cook - sometimes participants assist. When she is done you eat buffet style in the adjoining room which is a small cafe. I have always felt it is a good value for the money and she is very entertaining. My only complaint is that she packs too many people into a small space. The classes usually sell out. Usually 40 people jammed into a small space on folding chairs that are so close the chairs are touching - and you sit the whole time while she cooks. That said - I'd would still attend more classes.

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          I have been to Rainia's however, it is more like a cooking show. No hands on unless you are asked to help the chef. She does have an amazing variety of classes and you can take the T from downtown/southside if you don't want to drive to Mt. Lebanon.

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          1. A little-known and unadvertised (as far as I know) series of cooking classes is offered by the PA Culinary Institute of Pgh. My siblings and I recently purchased a couple of cooking classes for our parents. We were told that the classes always sell out and are "too popular," hence the absence of publicity (I don't believe you'll find anything about the classes on the PA Culinary website). Call or e-mail Terry Moran (, 877-729-5771, ext. 4519). Right before Christmas, we got tickets to four classes in February. Hopefully it's not too late to get into some of their late winter/early spring classes. Sorry I didn't respond earlier...