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Dec 3, 2007 03:36 PM

romantic dinner in singapore

can anyone recommend a fine dining rertaurant in singapore for a special occasion? will be there in 2 weks time. Thanks

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  1. Some suggestions:
    1) Au Jardin Les Amis - nice French restaurant, elegant furnishings, fairly secluded (as much as you can get in S'pore anyway), located in Tudor-style bungalow at the Botanic Gardens;
    2) Il Lido - very nice Italian, nice beach views (especially sunset) at Sentosa Island;
    3) Jaan - beautiful French restaurant on 70th floor of Swissotel, has nice panoramic views of the Singapore skyline.

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    1. re: klyeoh

      I would agree with klyeoh that the three places mentioned provide really romantic atmosphere. But in terms of the quality of the food in fine dining experience, I would rate Iggies at Regent Hotel as the best. But the atmosphere in Iggies is not really romantic, if that is your key criteria.

      1. re: FourSeasons

        Thanks Guys. I would really be looking for top quality. I heard the Raffles Grill is overrated. Is that true? Also I would want an excellent wine list.
        Any suggestions?

        1. re: parishilton

          When I last dined there in March this year, the Raffles Grill's new French executive sous chef was quite good & a vast improvement over the last one - prepared traditional French dishes very well.

          BTW, Blu atop the Shangri-La has a relatively dark, quiet & romantic atmosphere as well.

          1. re: parishilton

            Les Amis at Shaw House (Scotts Rd) and Gunthers (Purvis Street) have top-notch wine lists. So does Raffles Grill.

            1. re: klyeoh

              Don't know if this reply is too late for your special occasion. Just had a wonderful dinner tonight at Gunthers; agree with klyeoh that not only it has good wine list, definitely it is also one of the best French restaurants in Singapore; I would rate it at par to Iggies and better than Les Amis. A good spot for dating couples too. But expect to pay though, it is expensive. This is white truffle season so they have a special menu for dishes with truffles. I tried scallop carpaccio with truffles; Japanese oysters; angel hair with lobster and suckling pork. All were very good except the suckling pork was a bit too rich. End with apple tart with ice cream, which I think was superb.

      2. My Humble House off the esplanade is pretty special. Pricey but quite good.

        1. I'll like to add:

          1) Flutes on the fort - Australian-style cooking, simple but delicious. Quite a romantic place in Fort Canning Park, out on the porch, in the darkness.
          2) Da Paolo (Cluny Court location) - quiet, alfresco in a garden setting, quite romantic but there could be 1 too many tables for a really alone moment but robust italian cooking.
          3) Wild Rocket - Also quite romantic, can see the city view from there.

          1. I think the most romantic dinner you can have in Singapore, is one you can do yourself with a little imagination and creativity. Check out what one romantic guy was able to do for the love of his life, romantic dinner on the beach:

            1. I would highly, highly recommend Gunther's. I don't know why this restaurant isn't talked about more. This is the fomer chef from Les Amis I believe that took it to it's glory. The fresh, seasonal ingredients are the star here. They bring them out at the beginning of the meal on a tray and show you what the specials are.... lobster flopping about, crabs still pinching, white truffle fragrantly filling the room.

              Also the service is top-notch... I wish others in Singapore could learn from this... there are many great restaurants with HORRIBLE service in this country. Even the restaurants who think they have good service are only good compared to other Singapore restaurants... not on a world stage.

              I had my birthday meal here and it was lovely: