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Dec 3, 2007 03:25 PM

What do you think of the redesigned Improper Bostonian?

What are your thoughts on this? Is IB a go-to source for food news in Boston, or is there another source?

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  1. As far as food news (restaurant openings, chef shifting, etc.), the Imroper is a fine enough resource, no better or worse than Stuff@Night, Boston Mag, etc. (this stuff is mostly just paraphrased from press releases). Their restaurant reviewer, who did not have a column that I saw in my quick perusal of the redesigned mag, is a joke.

    1. I think if you're properly obsessive, you will not rely on any one source as a go-to, but read everything: the Globe, Herald, Phoenix, Dig, Stuff, Improper, Boston Magazine, Tab, bostonchefs.com, drinkboston.com, Zagat, Gayot, Where to Eat, eGullet, Yelp, hiddenboston.com, menupages.com, shamelessrestaurants.com, the three hundred or so local food blogs (I like eatanddestroy.com -- see my by-now-hopelessly dated list of some others here: www.chowhound.com/topics/367504), restaurant bathroom wall graffiti, those little lists in the backs of taxis, and of course, Chowhound.

      I find the Improper's news on pending restaurant openings its most useful food-related feature.