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bran muffin

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where is the east bay do your suggest i can buy a good fiber bran muffin? i will drive to sf or marin if you say it is worth the drive. i is use to purchase a bran, pineaaple, zucchini muffin that was the best of fiber all get out. Bakeries, coffee shops, resturants, grandma's old recipe...please let me know where you know all the hot spots of this fiber delight request.

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  1. The best bran muffin I have tasted and that I purchase once or twice a week is from Bette's Bake shop next door to Bette's oceanview diner on 4th St. in Berkeley. It is sweet, but not too sweet, has raisins a faint molasses flavor and is full of braney fibre and goodness. It is very good.

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      Robert Lauriston

      Fatapple's is just about perfect. I haven't had anything else from them I liked much but they do that one thing right.

      1. Tomate Cafe and Venus in Berkeley (same owners) make an excellent high fiber muffin called a morning glory.

        1. Is there an Arizmendi in the East Bay? I tried the bran muffin in SF the other day and it was one of the best I've had.

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            Robert Lauriston

            Yes, there's one in Emeryville.

            Link: http://www.arizmendi-bakery.org/

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              Apparently the various Arizmendis are all separate though related Co-ops. There is also one on Grand in Oakland that makes very good muffins. The cheese board also has good bran muffins. I still stick by my Bette's Bake shop rec.

              Link: http://www.arizmendibakery.org/

          2. This is a great thread. I absolutely love textured bran muffins. Does anyone know the best bakeries for them in SF? Thanks in advance.

            Link: http://hungryhedonist.blogspot.com/

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              My favorite bran muffin is at Noe Valley Bakery; the molasses flavor is not overpowering and the raisins are plump and soft and there are no nuts. Sweet Things (in Cal Mart) also makes a similar bran muffin. I like the ones at Arizmendi, but not as much, because they are more molasses-y and have nuts and have currants instead of raisins. Peet's has OK bran muffins (can't remember who their baker is). Specialty's has OK muffins too - theirs are not plain but are zucchini bran, apple bran, and stuff like that.

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                This morning I tried the bran muffin at Delessio Market, and I think it ties with Noe Valley Bakery for my favorite bran muffin. However, they don't have them every day, so you'd need to call ahead or be prepared to enjoy one of their other delicious goodies.

            2. I just tried some amazing bran muffins and I bought them at Trader Joe's (north beach). They're made by a local place, Zen Bakery, they're vegan and really moist. 4 muffins cost about $3.80 so it's a great deal.

              1. Hello:

                I am quite partial to the 'low fat' (you wouldn't guess it) Blueberry Bran muffins at Bel Forno in North Berkeley, in the 'triangle' between Longs and Safeway at Rose and Shattuck. It helps that I live very close by! But I am very particular about my muffins, and I particularly love a good bran muffin. Theirs are maybe a bit sweet sometimes, but they are LARGE muffins, a good bit of crispness to the edges, lots of fiber and lots of berries, too.