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Dec 3, 2007 02:53 PM

Are you a member of community kitchen

Just wondering if you have heard of the concept of a community kitchen? Groups of cooks get together to cook massive amounts of food that are then taken home and frozen for later use.

I am interested in your experiences, your recipes, and any tips you have for having a smooth operation.

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  1. I am not but they are bringing this concept to our area (SW Florida) the form of a chain (I cannot remember the name of this business)...and some people in my office are excited about it but I have to wonder: WHY can't you just cook your food on a weekend and freeze it???? What is so hard about that? It seems so obvious to me....but someone is making money off these people and they seem to be glad to give the money to them. Now what the heck is going on????!!!

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      That would be odd but there is always a way to make money, eh?

      I am trying to do this for a number of students that I teach in a special program for at risk students. A number of them have problems with poverty and basic nutrition so we're looking at a good way of teaching life skills and team skills.

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        Well, what you are trying to do is much different from this, and I applaud you! I need to google it or's like "gourmet to go" or some such nonsense...will try to find what I'm talking about on line...
        OKAY, it's this, Meal Assembly...I guess if you are totally clueless about cooking, it would be good but come can't open a cookbook? Well, it's better than fast food, I guess:

    2. In some of these "community kitchen" businesses, the prep work is done in advance, so all you are really doing is assembling your meals to freeze. Personally, I would never pay to do this.
      With a little research and planning, you can do your own weekend shop/cook with a few friends. Have some wine and make it fun! Look online for some ideas. I bought a cookbook online called "The Big Cook" and like some of the recipes in there for weekday meals.

      1. I've belonged to a couple off and on for about ten years (they meet early in the morning or I'd still be a member) and I really enjoyed them.

        You might want to search for collective kitchens online. If there's a Unitarian church in your area they might have one you can check out or depending on the Church they might be able to help you get started.

        There are a lot of good reasons for a well-run collective kitchen, the best is that you can buy in bulk and you save an awful lot of money. I can post a few of our best recipes later if you like. We mainly focus on soups, and stews or chilis made with whatever's in season. I have some good baking recipes too.

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          That sounds wonderful. I have a small repertoire at the moment. It's always great to get some new ideas. Thank you.