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Where to find Apple Cider mix in LA?

My mom said she'd love a good apple cider mix for Christmas but I have no idea if there are any great mixes out there that I can get in the LA area. Any suggestions?

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  1. williams sonoma has a great mulling spices mix. add it to martinelli's apple juice on the stove, strain the mulling spices, and you have the perfect apple cider!

    1. i just bought williams sonoma's apple cider concentrate yesterday and tried it last night. I added a cinnamon stick to it and it was lovely. However, it's quite pricey - $19 for a bottle that makes a gallon.

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        Help! I've e-mailed Williams Sonoma and they reply that they don't have an Apple Cider Concentrate. Also checked their web site and nothing ! Where did you buy it? I'm in Ohio but will gladly call the store if you can give me a name and/or phone number. My son got a bottle as a gift and loved it! Thanks for your help! e-mail is j4royer@sbcglobal.net

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            Thanks Diana, but I'm not looking for the mulling spices. We had a quart jar of apple cider concentrate with a Williams Sonoma label on it. We can't find out where this came from. Really appreciate your help. Happy Holidays and thanks again!

      2. The one at Williams Sonoma is wonderful and, you can buy their apple cider for added yumminess. The total pkg 25.00$ (cider and spices) I also have seen Martinelli mulling spices at the market. KQ :)

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          Thanks for the tip but I can't find their apple cider on their website. Am I missing something or did you buy it from the actual store?

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            From the store is the best bet. This time of year, they usually have a crock of it going to drag shoppers in by their noses and taste buds.

            Here's a link to a spot on the site that shows the tin.


        2. You mean mulling spices? Cause apple cider is just a type of apple juice. I'd buy the freshest juice you can get and then get William Sonoma's mulling spices, or see if Gelson's carries any.

          Frankly, I think it's just cinnamon, allspice, ginger and cloves with lemon zest. Maybe some star anise

          Go to surfas and get whole allspice, cinnamon sticks, cloves and then get a nice lemon. Zest the lemon into thick strips-avoid the bitter pith. In a tea straining ball or cloth bag, put the srtips of zest, three or four whole allspice, five or six or more(to your taste)cloves. Put that in the cider in a pot on the stove. Toss in three or four sticksa of cinnamon, and float in two or three star anise.

          Heat it over medium heat. I actually keep mine warm in a slow cooker, and you can mull it in there, too.

          Some people add red wine, some add hard cider, I like to add a bit of Stone's Ginger Wine-available at Bevmo. Yum!

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            It's really really hard to find real cider in Los Angeles. In Connecticut it's everywhere but out here I'm not sure people have ever even had the real thing -- I wouldn't cal it fresh apple juice.

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              It is hard but not impossible to find -- and if you're nostalgic for it and up for a trip into the mountains, Oak Glen's wineries have real, honest-to-god apple cider there. Unfortunately, honest-to-God cider donuts (ah, Delicious Orchards, how I miss thee) are harder to find, resulting in heinous shipping costs.

              (A note to any British people reading this: "cider" in the US can mean just the juice pressed from fresh apples with no further alteration -- what is sold as "cider" in Britain is sold as "hard cider" in the US, and the term "perry" is nearly unknown).

              On topic: I agree that Williams Sonoma's is good, convenient, and not ridiculously overpriced as compared to some other things there. Buy your cider elsewhere if you can, or use unfiltered juice.

          2. I love serving warm apple cider and rum in the winter. Just boil it with rum cinnamon sticks, and perhaps some slices of apple. In my search for apple cider, I found it randomly in some select grocery stores. Very hit and miss. I can't even tell you where I did find it because I remember purchasing one week, then not finding it after that.

            I'm from Florida and they usually carried apple cider in gallon jugs near the orange juices and dole juices. Out here I would think you have the best chance at the more fancy grocers. Good Luck.

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              You can also find fresh (Frozen) cider at the farmers markets.

              I know I saw some on Hollywood on Sunday two weeks ago, and possibly at Santa Monica on Saturday.

            2. I heard of an apple farm in San Bernardino County that is supposed to have good cider and apples. It's supposed to be rustic and quite isolated as its near the San Bernardino Mountains. Anyone know the name of the place and whether it's worth a try?

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                It's Pioneer Parrish, it's hardly isolated, and it's in Oak Glen (along with about 10 other apple orchards), about five or ten miles northeast of Yucaipa. Their cider is good but their apple butter is the best I've ever had.

              2. Mulling cider, as some have said, is just a bunch of spices. You don't really need all those mentioned, it's principally cinnamon. You can buy a plain muslin bag and fill it with a little stuff yourself for next to nothing $$$-wise. There are little unbleached muslim bags at the SM CoOportunity (16th and Arizona) Coop -- and then just buy a few cinnamon sticks there and toss in some whole cloves and if they have it a little dried lemon peel -- that's not necessary, though. Then your mom just dunks the bag in a gallon of cider purchased from anywhere. Even filtered, clear apple juice will taste majorly-yummy when treated this way. You don't even have to strain it when you use the bag like this. And she can wash it out and add her own spices next time. Really, just plain cinammon stick will get you 95% of the way there. BTW, she needs to be heating all of this together slowly over the stove.

                BTW, someone -- not sure if it was the OP -- said they were in Ohio was it? All this stuff is available at any grocery store anywhere. Maybe not the cloth muslin bag, but you can just tie it up in a little cheesecloth or just plain skip the bag altogether; you've got to strain it then.

                1. You can get the spice mixes at Whole Foods. Trader Joe's also has it already spiced with the cider in the bottled juice section this time of the year. You can also just throw in some cinn. sticks, pumpkin pie spice, sliced oranges, lemons and stud a whole orange with cloves and heat it on the stove.