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Dec 3, 2007 02:43 PM

Dish - Downtown Hartford

I was invited to lunch at Dish in Downtown Hartford. Has anyone been? Any recommendations?

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  1. I haven't been there, but this review from the Courant might help. I'm kind of anxious to see the place - my mother used to take me to lunch in this building when I was a kid and Sage Allen occupied the premises.

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      Thanks for the link; their own website is under construction. I'm going next Wednesday, I'll post my thoughts then. :-)

    2. Went to dish for lunch today with two friends.The ambience is cool and a nice change for downtown. We all left thinking that we had missed something. One had a ruben, one the fish tacos and I had the cuban pannini. Each sandwich came with a side salad that was simply mixed baby greens and a vinagrette. The friend who had the ruben said it was OK but couldn't compete with Vaughn's and the one who had the tacos said it was too spicy. Mine was missing a whole lot of flavor. An hour or so after lunch we were all looking for Tums. Too bad, I was excited to have a new "go to" place.

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        That's disappointing news! I will still probably give it a shot for dinner, but my expectations may not be as high. Not a bad thing. Thanks.

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          Sounds like the salad was perfect. My idea of a salad.. simple. Salads have just gotten too darned ornate. I think I will try the taco's. Most in this area suffer from lack of an interesting flavor, much less spice.

          I had some apps in the bar one night. The place was mobbed and we were new but still got recognized and served promptly.. despite being in a dark corner. Most of our selections came from the raw bar and the oysters were properly servered, Maybe not the cleanest shucking, but not bad. They were briny and plump, both the east and west coast selections. The cherrystones were huge. The Saphire martini was excellent. I found the the price on the upside of downtown, but the place was doing a hugh business. I think it is a very worthy addition to downtown Hartford.