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Dec 3, 2007 02:36 PM

Looking for home-made Jerk Sauce

I'm looking for a restaurant in the GTA that makes its own Jerk Sauce... Any one have any insights?

Or maybe your grandmother / uncle / father / great aunt on your wife's side twice removed, has a great recipe?

Bueller? Ferris? anyone?


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  1. Here's one I make:
    Chopped green onions
    chopped garlic, shallots & grated ginger ( o.k. to use powders in a pinch )
    chopped chillies
    water or olive oil
    puree or blend in blender.

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    1. re: PlayWithYourFood

      Can you post the ratios? That is the biggest problem I'm having, getting the ratio right.


      1. re: legourmettv

        Am giving you the following site for Jamaican Jerk is about as accurate a recipe that I know of..important not to substitute any of the ingredients..........
        enter jamaican jerk sauce recipe in the 'search'

        I do not have my recipe at hand since I'm still here(Toronto) for two more days..this one seems 'right' to me..

        1. re: pearlD

          Didn't like the 'Ketchup' in that recipe... Can't be sure, but it would seem that traditionally that would not be an authentic ingredient.

          I have tried the Walker's Wood, and it is a great tasting product, but I want to make this at home.

          1. re: pearlD

            Well, I am in Jamaica as I write this ,here's a site posted via a Jamaican Chef that is as authentic as any that I know of....these 'jamaican recipes' vary as to the person who makes this is about as good as you're going to find. (BTW...Ketchup is an integral part of many a recipe here on the Island and Grace/Eve are the traditional brands used...not Heinz)

            enter 'jamaican jerk sauce' in their search

          2. re: legourmettv

            For ratios check out Food Network Canada. It's a Michael Smith Chef at Home recipe. I just keep tasting as I go along rather than use exact measurements.

            1. re: PlayWithYourFood

              If you haven't tried Walker's Wood prepared jerk seasoning, you should. I have it on good authority that it is the real deal, and available at Loblaw's these days.

        2. The original comment has been removed