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Dec 3, 2007 02:18 PM

any use for onions from Hazan's tomato sauce?

I am a big fan of Marcella Hazan's tomato-butter-onion sauce recipe, which calls for simmering tomatoes with butter and onions cut in half, then removing the stewed onions before serving.

Are there any uses for those onions after cooking? My hunch is that they'd be useful to have on hand if I pureed them and froze the buttery-tomatoey onion puree in small bits. What have you done or would you do with those used onions?

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  1. I'm not proud to admit that I usually toss the tomatoey onion when I make this sauce.

    Maybe puree it and spread it on bruschetta with some fresh herb garnish? Or fold the puree into scrambled eggs and put it on toast for breakfast? Or in a frittata? Or mixed with some warm cooked black eye peas and tossed over rice with some tabasco sauce parsley?

    Next time I'll hold onto the onion.

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    1. re: F Schubert

      I throw them out as well - just did the deed today - but I'd bet they'd be tasty pureed in the FP and reincarnated in some way.

    2. The onions have done their work. Let them go peacefully into the compost pile.

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      1. I've saved them and cut them up to put into a pot roast the next day.

        1. Guess I'm the only one who just eats them whole on the spot.

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          1. re: Miss Needle

            Ha! That's my usual practice, but I made an extra large batch of sauce this time and even after eating one huge onion whole I still had two left over!

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              I took a cooking class from a fairly well-respected local chef who said that she did just that--when we questioned her, she said "well, it's basically an onion cooked in butter."

            2. we eat the onion, too - actually, my husband fights me for it!