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Dec 3, 2007 02:10 PM

Anbody try the pasta tasting menu at Mozza yet?

Loved the pastas I've tried at Mozza. Does the tasting menu give them all to you or are they new dishes?

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  1. What dish would you recommend? I heard it is good? =]

    1. I am going in three weeks, can't wait. If no one reports back by then, I will.

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        Well, I did it. They initially said that they were out, but since we had four people and that's the reason we went, they made some substitutions. It's good. Smallish portions of five of the pastas on the menu, plus some sorbet and a desert. I don't remember them all, but they list them on the menu now if you're interested. Worth $50, probably not $69. That said, I really love that place. Great service, great food.