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Dec 3, 2007 02:01 PM

Italian Restaurant Find

6 of us really enjoyed the food at Cucina De Ra in Belltown ( across from the Sculpture Garden, with a great sunset view)
We ordered a large variety of dishes..... all very well prepared and sophisticated in their execution without being pretentious. The decor is subtle-upscale, comfortable and romantic.
The Belgian endive salad w. pears, gorgonzola, candied walnuts is a refreshing array...graced with a fresh lemon & olive oil vinaigrette; the 8 hr. Chianti-braised lambshanks are some of the best I've tried in this city; the calamari with spicy scallion sauce was an interesting interpretation of a old standby;Prawns with a grilled carrot sauce over spaghetti was a stand-out; wild boar ragout over pappardelle pasta garnished w. Ricotta Salata was excellent; Ceviche (w. raw tuna) Siciliana was another recommended dish. Don't miss their Tiramisu for dessert.

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  1. And your connection with the restaurant is?

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      no's a not-so-well-known-Italian restaurant & I want to share my very positive experience with fellow 'foodie's'...they might enjoy just as satisfying and surprising an experience as we had.I think it's a pleasure to discover good restaurants here that aren't on many chowhounds' 'restaurant radar' and share......

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        Some months ago on a Saturday afternoon we were driving around listening to Tom Douglas do his weekly radio show on KIRO. He mentioned De-Ra and how much he enjoyed it. We pulled out the GPS and set a course for dinner. We were not disappointed. The fare is delicious in its simplicity, the atmosphere is hip without being snooty. Ditto on the Belgian endive salad, it was a wonderful combination.