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Dec 3, 2007 01:31 PM

Any lunch recs in Valhalla?

I recently switched work location from Rye to Valhalla. I miss all the lunch places near Rye, especially in Port Chester.

My office is at 400 Columbus Ave in Valhalla. Does anyone have good lunch recommendations for this area? I prefer take-out since my lunch time is limited.

I've been to Westchester Grocery and Bollywood Bistro, both of which have good Indian food. Many of my co-workers are Indian and they said Westchester Grocery reminds them of home.

I've been to Hunan Ritz (Rose Hill Shopping Center) for Chinese. Dishes were hit or miss.

Was not impressed with Silvio's (Rose Hill Shopping Center) for subs.


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  1. B4 and So Damn Hot on Broadway; I think there are ethnic restaurants and a good diner near Casa Rina in Thornwood, not too far away.

    Oh and Southbound BBQ on Broadway.

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      Southbound! Southbound!

      $10 AYCE lunch buffet. Not refined, but very tasty. And it's real barbecue. Don't expect ambiance (although that's subjective, and for me, this is the perfect ambiance for a barbecue joint)

    2. Mughal Palace has a great lunch buffet. Much better than my last meal at Bollywood Bistro.

      I know that So Dam Hot is supposed to be known for their wings but I had them once and was not impressed.

      In Hawthorne (Rt 141) there is Swadee Thai which has a decent buffet. There is also a small mostly take-out Chinese place, Spring Garden, on the same side of the street as the post office. Nothing fancy but I love their chicken chow fun and the hot and sour soup is chock full of tofu and vegetables (no meat, which is fine with me). Lots of food for $5, I get 2 meals out of it. There's also a place supposedly run by the guy who runs the hot dog truck on Rt 100, Carcheals I think. They sell hot dogs, wings, and the like. I've never tried it.

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        Vallhalla Crossing on the Bx River Pkwy (2 Cleveland St.) has bar lunch specials (wings, soup, sandwich, $10). See

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          Wow, that's a nice deal for lunch! But what are the soups and sandwiches that are available? I eat limited stuff so I would want to make sure I can eat what they offer. I guess I can call.

      2. Westchester Grocery is so good! My friend who is vegan eats there 2-4 times a week. When I was there I tried a killer chickpea dish and a chicken skewer, both we spicy and delicious!

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          I've been to Westchester Grocery and gotten pakoras to take home for dinner a couple of times, but it seems like lunch would end up costing me around $10 once you get bread, sides, etc. For that price I can go to Mughal Palace and have their buffet and eat whatever I want. They need to have a lunch plate special for $6 or so like you can get at the Chinese restaurants where you get a complete meal.

        2. I second the B4 recommendation. I like it there and if you can have a drink at lunch but they have killer pomegranate martinis.