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Dec 3, 2007 01:22 PM


By this time next week I should be back and settled in my winter home where the preparations for Christmas are well underway..the fruitcakes made, the coconut drops for sale and visiting with friends will bring the Sorrel Punch to the fore...also the Rum Punch( a year round necessity!!) Shall I post on the Recipe Board next week???

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  1. That is so cruel! You had become one of my favorite posters, but I can see I'm going to have to rethink that!!!

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    1. re: Leslieville

      How Nice Of You to say that 'Leslieville'....not to worry mon!
      We are online in JA (and high speed don't cha know!!).
      I actually began my 'chowhound' posts last year while we were there so I can't stop now!! Not while I'm having so much fun and learning about so many things on this site! Good Wishes to All.....
      Soon come..........more posts from JA.............

    2. Yum sorrel! A few years ago my sis and I made a huge batch and bottled it out as Xmas presents to our friends, everyone kept saying "what is this stuff? it tates so good!" :)

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      1. re: psyrel

        Yeah PearlD, that is just plain mean. Very jealous! If you can't take us all with you, the very least you could do is post some recipes. Enjoy yourself, for all of us back here freezing our A------ off :)

      2. post the recipes! love that stuff.

        fish shak makes good sorrel and brings it to the market sometimes (dufferin, riverdale).


        1. Arrrrrgh, I just made some for the first time last night. Would have loved to have had your recipe.

          But.... I was in Kensington last weekend and found fresh sorrel at the little West Indian store on Baldwin right beside the entrance to the parking garage.

          Some questions for you PearlD...
          My recipe had cloves, do you add them?
          Do you use brown or white sugar?
          Do you add rum or wine or both?
          What kind of wine do you use?

          Thanks and enjoy Christmas in the sun.

          1. any place that sells bottled pre-made jamaican sorrel drink?

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            1. re: oohlala

              Sorry Mila, I don't have my recipe for Sorrel Punch here in Toronto and can't remember quantities, I'll be there and online next week so I'll 'post' to the Recipe Board. (I don't use wine 'tho I use only light cloves, white sugar since the dark sugar isn't the same as here......more to follow next week I promise)

              1. re: pearlD

                Thanks Pearl, will watch for it.