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Sushi all you can eat?

I'm interested in knowing of a good sushi all you can eat or buffet restaurant in Chicago.

any good suggestions?

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  1. House of Sushi and Noodles is all you can eat.

    And Todai sushi in the suburbs.

    House of Sushi & Noodles
    1610 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

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      Agreed re: chicgail's post below. But, for what it's worth, I've had great experiences at House of Sushi and Noodles -- I know very little about sushi but it's clear they're not even attempting anything authentic. No BYOB either. But the fish is fresh, plentiful, and I believe under $15 (forget the exact number). They also bring out some tempura veggies and miso soup (if I remember correctly) to take up valuable stomach space while you wait.

      Lots of college kids (I'm one of them) and no reservations, but they'll take your cell number and call when your table's ready. There are some bars in the area for a drink while you wait...

    2. Putting together the concepts of "good sushi" and "all you can eat" occur for me as an oxymoron -- kind of like a Old Country Buffet maki. You can either get a lot of mediocre sushi that's been sitting around or have good sushi. If there a place that actually has both, I'd love to know about it, but I'm pretty skeptical.

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        True - I can talk to Todai in Schaumburg - the turn over is pretty quick so the Sushi stays relatively fresh - but you do not go to these places for the top sushi in the city- http://www.todai.com/index.html

        5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL 60173

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          I've been to Todai. If you want variety and all-you-can-eat, its the place to go. The food didn't blow me away, however.

      2. I've not been to any all you can shi places recently, but I have a co-worker who absolutely SCREAMS about Sushi Para in Palatine being way good for an all you can shi place.
        Sushi Para
        1268 E Dundee Rd
        Palatine, IL 60074
        (847) 202-9922

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          yeah, i am gonna second this. of course, the service can be a little off-putting, but the sushi and other stuff is good.

        2. There is a Sushi Para II off of Clark in Lincoln Park. You have to pay for the sushi you ordered and cannot finish.

          Pros- BYOB
          Cons- not too many great rolls or a huge selection, I don't think they use whole fish pieces on some rolls which is skeptical. It looked like ground salmon or something.

          1. I ate at Ringo a while back, which had all you can eat sushi on Monday for $19.95. I see a coupon on their website for this deal, which may mean it's offered more frequently now.

            It's not a buffet, so you order off the menu and there's less risk that rolls have been made and sitting out for a while. It's also BYOB, but I don't believe they took reservations. Not sure if they charge for uneaten rolls, but again, I don't exactly have that problem with sushi!


            1. Thanks for posting this thread. I've been looking for All you can eat sushi joints around Chicago too.

              1. Sushi Station in Arlington Heights/Rolling Meadows.
                Not quite all you can eat or a buffet, but still lots to eat and reasonably priced. It's good sushi that travels on a covered conveyor belt. You chose what you want as it passes you and pay according to the dishes you've chosen at the end of the meal (plates are color coded for pricing). Sushi ranges from $1 to $5.
                Prepare to wait a bit on the weekends and some nights.

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                  Agree, Sushi Station is good... MUCH BETTER THAN TODAI!!!

                  Todai costs ($30/person) for warm sushi, bad service and uncomfortable seating - just like an airport food court - only nastier.

                  If you enjoy sushi, look elsewhere. This place is for pigs who bring two plate loads of crab legs back to their tables.

                2. I've had great experiences at Sushi Para II, and a terrible experience at House of Sushi and Noodles. The selection at House of Sushi and Noodles as far inferior (only basic rolls), and I found it crowded and unpleasant. Sushi Para II has a far better selection, and they have an open sushi bar so you can see them freshly preparing it. Not sure about the previous poster saying they don't always use whole fish... I haven't noticed that but of course I haven't tried the whole menu.
                  I'm not saying Sushi Para II is better than a la carte places by any means, but if you are looking for an all you can eat sushi place in the city, I've found it FAR better than House of Sushi and Noodles.

                  1. Tokyo Bay Sushi Bar & Grill
                    2775 Showplace Dr Suite# 129
                    Naperville IL 60564



                    1. Asian Fusion, in Matteson, on Lincoln Hwy has an all you can eat special for both lunch and dinner that is surprisingly good.

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                        Sakura in Naperville (Iroquois Mall, corner of Ogden and Iroquois, behind Connie's Pizza) has daily all you can eat sushi at both lunch ($14.95 per person) and dinner ($19.95 per person). You order from a sheet which includes a wide range of sushi and other oriental dishes: edamame, bulgogi, spring rolls (excellent!), soups, and much more. Their sushi is creative but not far out. Sakura specials on each day's menu are always worth trying. Wife and I, 2 of our sons, and our daughter are regulars there - several times a month. Worth a try!

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                          I eat at Sakura at least 4 times a month. Their sushi selection is above average, presentation is always nice but the wait-staff need to learn to speak English a lot better. We last went with a group of 12 people (8 were ordering from the All-U-Can-Eat sushi menu) and by the end of the dinner we had ordered over 250 pieces of sushi. Not one complaint from the staff about us eating to much and certainly no complaints from the people at the table. At $19.95, 20 - 30 pieces of sushi or more is a fantastic deal. Make a reservation on Friday or Saturday or be prepared to wait.

                          1163 E Ogden Ave, Naperville, IL 60563

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                            If you eat at Sakura that often, ask them about their VIP card. My understanding is that if you have the VIP card, they credit it 5% of your dining checks into your account for future use. 2 of my sons who eat there often also have VIP cards from Sakura.

                      2. Without question, Yummy Gourmet in Arlington Heights on Rand Road.


                        You order from a menu, so it's made to order and fresh. Appetizers are included in the all-you-can-eat price. They also have a Chinese food menu (not all you can eat), so it's good if you want to bring non-sushi eaters. The service is fabulous; they're much friendlier than Sushi Para (and I think the sushi is better).

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                          Thanks for the tip. I eat at sushi para all the time and they are a little snooty. Can't wait to try this place. Thanks.

                        2. I just ate at Siam Paragon Bistro in Evanston they have an all you can sushi special Sunday and Monday night - for 19,95 a person - sushi was very good a little bit slow in coming but the restaurant was very busy - http://siamparagonbistro.com/

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                            The Sea Ranch in Evanston on Dempster now serves an all you can eat Sushi - it is off of fixed menu but the fish quality is excellent and is available 7 days a week -

                            Sea Ranch
                            518 Dempster St, Evanston, IL 60202

                          2. I have been to several and can't wait to try some of the one listed above!

                            Sushi Para in Palatine: we keep going back to this one. $17 for all you can eat soup, salad, appetizers and sushi. Order off menu and watch them prepare it at the bar. Usually crowded, but tastes good and good selection. Awesome value.

                            Todai: Havent' been here in years. Found Sushi Para last time I thought of going here and keep going to SP. Buffet style and way more expensive - around $30 I think.

                            Bennihan's: Yes the place where you can also get the chef cooking at your table. In the bar they have an all you can eat special. We have been once to the location in Schaumburg by Woodfield mall. Nice selection and good, but it was $25-$30 per person. Not sure if it's every day. Better to drive the extra 15 minutes to Sushi Para and cut the price almost in half. I believe the information is on their website.

                            Sushi Cafe: In South Elgin on Randall road behind the McDonald's next to Manor. They use to do an all you can eat rolls on Monday - Thursday, but I believe it is now only on Tuesdays! It is $24.95, but only for their rolls which they have a great selection of. Living out in Geneva, this is the closest place, but I miss the appetizers and sushi pieces.

                            Thanks for the other places - hopefully tonight for one of them!

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                              Sushi Cafe - no longer has any specials.

                              New!!! Fuji Buffet in St. Charles. This was an old Chinese buffet, but the new management took it over and added a sushi bar and grill (like Bennihana's). I've been going here almost once a week since lunch is $7.99 and dinner is $9.99. You might have to ask the sushi chef to make you something. He knows me by site and starts the spicy tuna crunch roll when I walk in.

                              New! Sushi City in N. Aurora. This place is in a strip mall at the corner of Oak and Randall, but hard to see. $19.99 all you can eat and it's made fresh when you order. We have brought friends and they ask to go back for the Godzilla roll!

                            2. I have also been looking for some good AYCE sushi places. So far my favorite is Sushi Para in Palatine. It is crowded, but the quality is really good and quite a good selection. I have tried Yummy Gourmet, but when I was there the fish was served very warm and it just wasn't that good. I have tried the Sakura in Lombard, but found that they seemed to skimp on the fish for some of their sushi pieces. They were very friendly and good priced, however.

                              1. Sushi Sai in the Loop has AYCE from 2pm-9pm I believe. It's low $20 range and doesn't include every roll but overall has a pretty good selection for being in the city. Some coworkers and I have gone after work and it has been a good experience.

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                                  Royal Buffet opened in Hoffman Estates, Its good.

                                2. After reading these, I was surprised nobody pointed out Wasabi Cafe which has the highest ratings for AYCE places IN Chicago. Takin my gf there tonight.