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Dec 3, 2007 12:56 PM

How long to cook Pork Roast-quick help please

Its a 4lb. pork roast, so on what heat and what should the tempature be on the inside?

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  1. At 350 - about 20 minutes a pound til its 165 inside.

    1. Pork what? Loin, leg, or shoulder? If it's loin, and if it's at room temperature when I start, I always pull it out when it hits 155ยบ, because I'd rather have it pink than dry. There are those who freak out at this, of course...

      Leg or shoulder can be roasted, too, though I prefer to pot-roast (braise) these. A small boneless shoulder butt can be browned in a Dutch oven along with some chopped onion, a cup or rather less of white wine or stock poured in, lid put on, and it'll cook very nicely at that 20 mins/lb. rate.

      Whatever you cook and however you do it, a good rubdown with coarse salt and black pepper beforehand helps a bunch.

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        Assuming it is a boneless pork loin roast, 20 min per pound would be an hour and twenty minutes, which is probably too long. I'd start checking even a bit short of an hour. Since I'm sure you will properly let it rest for at least ten to fifteen minutes before carving, the temp will coast up probably ten degrees after taking out of the oven, so I'd take it out at 145 or even 140. Agree that you want to well-coat with salt, pepper, and I'd add garlic (or garlic salt) and maybe some dried herb. Next time, I would take the time to brine it before roasting -- brining works even better wonders for juicy pork than even turkey. Finally, you needn't be at all afraid of pinkish pork -- trichinosis has virtually been eliminated and (according to a recent Alton Brown repeat) is killed at 140 anyway.

      2. i am cooking a 11 lb pork loin roast in the oven. If a 4lb roast takes 3 hours at 275 how long should I cook the 11lb one

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          3 this case, size and shape take precedent over weight. I also suggest you cut them into two equal length roasts.

        2. 20 minutes per pound for pork loin, or until internal temp reaches 140 degrees as you let it bench rest to suck up the juices it will continue to cook and reach 145 degrees. Perfect temp so as not to dry it out. This is a loin roast not ground pork right?