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Dec 3, 2007 12:55 PM

President's Choice products - what's good, what sucks? [Moved from General Topics board]

I recently tried their frozen pad thai. It wasn't gloopy or ketchupy, but it just didn't taste right- maybe not enough fish sauce? Not sure what was wrong.

The vanilla cake was underwhelming, too. It's in the freezer section. Looks pretty enough, could be easily dressed up with some confetti candy or additional icing. But there was a distinct baking soda taste in my piece, and the icing just didn't taste of vanilla.

Some years ago, they made a chocolate cake (available frozen) that actually was really good; I always had one in the freezer, just in case. How I miss it...

So, which PC products do you like/dislike/crave?

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  1. I love the chocolate fudge crackle ice cream line. The mint one is my fave overall.

    1. I'll also add that the hot buffalo wings are terrible. Plenty of heat, but little flavour.

      1. The decadent chocolate truffle cake? Something like that? I remember it- it was as good as my homemade flourless choc cake, and cost about the same amount as the ingredients.

        I like a lot of PC products- their tikka masala sauce, knockoff chocolate bars (not terrific, but good for baking), frozen lasagne, orange juice, and a bunch of other things I can't remember right now. I don't buy their boxed meats, so I can't comment.

        The beef pie (steak pie?) is pretty bad. Too salty and the beef is gristly. I tried the new chocolate tart and wasn't very impressed. It was okay, but I'd rather buy a more expensive, better one.

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          It might have been the chocolate truffle cake, but I think it was a layer cake. It was a good, rich cake, with densely chocolatey frosting.

          Yes, I buy the bittersweet chocolate bars for baking and the semisweet chocolate chips, too.

          I have a lemon tart in the freezer; hope it's better than the chocolate tart.

          A couple of other things I really like:

          Peanut butter & chocolate ice cream bars
          Vegetarian portobello & swiss burgers - really good for no meat.

        2. I find their concentrated chicken and beef stock really handy. Not as good a as homemade, but I don't have time to make homemade! Also love their large bars for baking, they usually have them on sale this time of year.

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            Are those stocks bouillon cubes, cans, tetrapack or...? I've never seen them.

          2. I like the Key Lime pie. It's junk food, but good junk food.
            The white cheddar macaroni and cheese in a box
            Salad dressings - the basil parmesan in particular. Much cheaper than other commercial dressings.
            The s'mores ice cream
            None of these are spectaculur I suppose.... but I don't by a lot of processed/premade and these are products I actually like!