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Dec 3, 2007 12:51 PM

Help me decide - $200 gift cert for mid-20yos, like dbd

I want to get a gift certificate for my niece and her fiance for Christmas. I have their names. We spend $200. They are middle-class working mid-20-year-olds who like to venture to NYC from CT for a nice dinner. They love davidburke & donatella, not huge drinkers, probably a glass of wine each; neither of them are great risk-takers with food, but I guess they enjoy the trendy nature of dbd but do love that new-American menu--so along those lines, but some place they haven't been. No jackets-only places, non-pretentious.

Based on some reviews here and some comments from a friend, let me know if any of these will fit the bill or make a better suggestion.

Crispo - - In looking at their website,, that year-round patio just looks so incredibly inviting and romantic.

Telepan - -

Cafe Gray - -

The Modern at MOMA - - - - A friend recommended this; thought it may be cool if they can get a res. I read that it is Austrian-influenced--yum.

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  1. Of those you've listed, we've only been to Telepan. The food's very good, service is excellent, and the ambiance is lovely, i.e., understated elegance. Overall, low-key and not trendy.

    1. The Modern is good and cool. Telepan...good food, but the wrong scene. Cafe Gray, no. Crispo - maybe, but haven't been so can't comment. They might like Lever House, or maybe Wallse, which is also Austrian.

      1. I've only been to the bar room at the Modern and Crispo. I'm a serious crispo fan, but it's very casual and noisy (especially in the garden, where there always seems to be some big celebration going on at the other tables when I'm there) -- i.e., it's a great place to meet friends for a bit and catch up over excellent hearty italian and a few bottles of wine, but not as special or upscale as the other places you've mentioned. And it's not trendy at all. I really liked the bar room at the Modern, but I went over a year ago so I can't comment on the current menu, etc, but definitely think it's a good idea. I think Wallse is a great suggestion, too. Understated and not-pretentious, with delicious food.