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Dec 3, 2007 12:36 PM

Emergency Soup in the East 50s

Help! I'm incredibly sick with fever & company, and I just moved to the east 50s. Where, oh where can I find some wonderful delivered soup? Any kind of soup would be wonderful. Only requirements are hot and soupy.

My throat thanks you profusely!

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  1. Sorry to hear you're ill, blackbird.

    Sarge's Deli. Very good chicken soup. Open 24/7 and they deliver.

    1. Hale and Hearty delivers in the East 50s. There's one at 54th and Lex.

      Also, Marrakesh makes a great chicken vegetable soup that I've had delivered before.

      1. Blackbird, I just got over a terrible cold a week ago. The chicken noodle soup from International Poultry Company always makes me feel better. It has lots of chicken, bow-tie pasta, and dill. Lots of people rave about Sarge's, but IPC is a lot closer to you. I think it's on the corner of 53rd and 1st. It could be there in a matter of minutes after you call them.

        1. I always enjoy the hot and sour soup from either Our Place or Grand Sichuan. It mainly depends on whether I want it with chicken (Our Place) or without (Grand Sichuan).