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Maine Shrimp -- Has the season started?

Wondering if anyone has seen Maine shrimp yet in any Boston-area markets. I'm craving shrimp and grits . . . TIA

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  1. The season started on 12/1, so maybe mid-week at fishmongers if we are lucky.

    1. I remember last year I was at Courthouse Seafood and they weer still jumping. Now, that's fresh.

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        I will go hunt around Gloucester and be right back.....

      2. oh this is exciting. i'm sick of shrimp frozen from asia. any good rec's on where to get? anywhere in boston proper?

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          I usually buy mine at Whole Foods but I'm sure other hounds will have alternate sources.

          Can't wait!

          Please report sitings. I don't have a car so I have to plan ahead to get some.

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            Thanks - so happy about this. A new perk of moving to Boston!

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              BZ -- I always get mine at Whole Foods too ... keep your eye out or call the Cambridge Street location (that's closest to you, right?) and ask them.

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              Not quite Boston proper, but Wulf's Seafood near Coolidge Corner in Brookline has lovely Maine shrimp, typically laden with tasty roe to boot.

              Wulf's Fish Market
              407 Harvard St, Brookline, MA

            3. We've moved the discussion of recipes to the Home Cooking board, at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/467195

              1. They had an appetizer special featuring ME shrimp at Sorrelina this evening. No one at our table tried it though.

                1. Whole Foods on River Street in Cambridge has them ($6/lb), also Nantucket scallops ($25/lb).

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                        Shell on, head off. I tried looking at the roe to guess freshness but I didn't see much. Enjoy!

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                            Here's something interesting I just saw at the Monterey Fish Market site re:head-on shrimp:

                            "Called 'Ame-Ebi' in Japanese meaning, 'sweet shrimp' the name is truly descriptive of this deliciously sweet firm textured shrimp. In the Alaskan fishery the shrimp are immediately de-headed as they come on board. Therefore we have never had a problem with mushy textured shrimp, a problem common to the head-on California fishery."

                            I have to admit that trufflehound's image of jumping Maine shrimp at Courthouse Seafood was appealing. I've seen jumping brown shrimp in Chinatown in NYC, but not yet in Boston.

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                              Courthouse usually gets them twice a week at the height of the season (possibly tuesday and thursday pm from past years, but check). They usually sell them head-on, but that can depend on suppliers. They also sell larger prawns head-on, as do oriental markets and Market Basket.

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                          When the aforementioned Wulf's has them, they have them shell on, head on, roe on.

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                          when i hit the lottery i can buy the scallops for 25 bucks a pound
                          but in the mean time i have to work for my money, which means i have to buy real world scallops at 7-10 a pound

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                            I understand that, I got the shrimp.

                        3. I has some from Whole Foods on River street. Delish! I'll share my Margarita Shrimp recipe as soon as I publish it.

                          The store on Westland said they would have them tomorrow. I may walk over and get more.

                          1. I picked up some at Roche Brothers today. Fresh-never frozen-Heads lopped off. $5.99/lb.

                            1. recipes for anything fresh maine shrimp would be lovely

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                                There's a thread on Home Cooking, linked/created above by the Chowhound folks.

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                                    I made these the other night--just did a quick saute with garlic, scallions, leeks, a little white wine and red pepper flakes and served them on top of polenta. They are fantastically good, though I haven't quite solved the shell dilemma. The little ones I eat shells and all, but the larger ones need a quick peel. Still, I don't want to shell them beforehand because you seem to lose that delicious juicy texture. I wouldn't serve them like that at a dinner party, but for a decadent little meal at home, there's nothing wrong in my opinion with just peeling-and-eating.