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Dec 3, 2007 12:34 PM

Korean Food in NoVa?

I know that Annandale is the place to go for Korean food, but given that I'm closer to Tyson's, which would you say is better, Woolaeoak or Songbird? And if I were to be persuaded to go to Annandale, which would make the drive worth it?

Thanks from Hendon!

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  1. Gom Bah Woo in Annandale (sp?). Small, but nice space and friendly servers make you feel like you are eating dinner at someone's house. The only thing that I have not really liked is the Bi Bim Bap. Now that it's cold, I'm looking forward to trying some of their interesting stews. This is not the kind of place where you grill your own BBQ. They bring out the bulgolgi, galbi, etc, pre-grilled on platters. I prefer this style since grill your own BBQ places, though fun, are quite smokey.

    I've seen Korean families order some interesting looking platter dishes too, but don't remember the names of the dishes.

    1. My single favorite Korean meal in the area so far is the soon doo boo (tofu stew) at Vit Goel (Lighthouse Tofu). Any variety, and any level of spiciness, though even the top level is not too spicy. Add an order of the kalbi if you like.

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        Vit goel used to be on my top 5 fav resturant but last few visits have been very dissappointing. I believe the quality has really gone down. I do however, like the korean places that specialize in one or two dishes.

      2. Herndon had a good Korean place that unfortunately suffered from one of those doomed locations.

        Also, Centreville is another little mecca of Korean places. I'm not versed on them, but there are threads and posts - just drive around near 29 & 66 and you can't miss them.

        One that may be closer is in Fairfax. The excerpt below is from LoveFood2Much in the thread:

        There is a GREAT Korean Buffet, (with a so-so Chinese buffet just next door) located in Fairfax very close to the RT 50/66 junction near Jermaintown Rd called the Seoul House Restaurant

        The address:
        11272 James Swart Cir
        Fairfax, VA 22030

        (703) 934-8250

        1. I don't like the new woo lae oak. Songbird is good. Couple of places I would recommend currently:
          YaeChun (BBQ place with huge menu, all pretty good)
          Go Yang Chip (Chantilly, right behind dullas expo. Pretty hardcore korean, no ambiance, but really good gam ja tang)
          Seoul SoonDae (Annandale, Markham dr, specializes in korean blk pudding. Really good but you have to be ok with blk pudding)

          There seems to be a lot of korean places in NOVA these days but they must all print their menu from the same place. They are same and they are large. One thing that hasn't happened is more specialization. I korea and in LA there are more resturant that are know for doing one or two dishes and doing them very well.