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Dec 3, 2007 12:13 PM

Vegas - Dining alone

What are the best places in Vegas for a single diner (middle-age woman), preferably on the Strip? Great food counts; price isn't a big deal.

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  1. It depends mostly on your comfort level with dining solo. Las Vegas is a great town for solo, as the restaurants there are quite used to single diners. Your biggest decision: are you comfortable eating at a table, or would you prefer to eat at a food bar?

    If you're comfortable eating at a table, AND price truly doesn't matter, then consider Joel Robuchon. It's arguably the best place in town, and its three Michelin stars are well deserved. I've eaten there solo, and had a great time. It will, however, set you back around $500/person, or even more if you order a bottle of wine.

    If that kind of dining experience seems excessive, how about L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon? It's the informal version of the above restaurant, with most seats at a food bar, behind which is the open kitchen. It's less than half the price, and still has excellent food.

    There are so many choices! If you specify preferences, folks could help narrow them down.

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      I've been to Vegas quite a bit, but usually with a crowd. I love LOS and Nobu; I've been to L'Atelier and was thinking of that. I love spicy food, almost all ethnic food, and don't mind a good steak.

      I'm not familiar with a lot of the newer places (those that have opened in the last year or so). I'd love to hear about the best new places.

      Thanks again!

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        If you like Nobu, consider Okada (at Wynn). Okada is a beautiful restaurant, overlooking some of Wynn's waterfalls. The sushi bar is my favorite in Las Vegas - very fresh fish, friendly chefs, good atmosphere. In addition to the sushi, I've developed a fondness for Okada's robatayaki - Japanese charcoal grilling. Try hamachi kama (grilled yellowtail cheeks); it's a little hard to eat with chopsticks, but is oh so good!

    2. Went myself six weeks ago and wanted a great food experience. After much thought, ended up at Daniel Boloud Brassiere in the Wynn. Sat at the bar and made friends with the lovely bartender, Warren, who kept me company, made wonderful suggestions and poured generously. I've never been comfortable - as an approaching-middle-age woman - dining alone, but the experience was quite enjoyable and the food memorable.

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        haha, I love Warren, I'm glad you got to meet him! He's one of the most friendly bartenders I've ever met, and has a great sense of humor to match his drink-making abilities.

      2. Similar question to Piranha's. Dining alone but looking for steakhouse rec's. Food bar is fine or a table is fine.

        Larry, Were you really comfortable at Joel alone? I might be willing to give that a try but figured taking up a table by myself would be frowned upon at such a place.

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          Jed, I was a little apprehensive about going to Joel Robuchon on my own, but it turned out great. I didn't get any hint that a single diner was looked down on. The servers were uniformly courteous. My only caveat is that the meal took about three and a half hours, so it's important that one is comfortable being by oneself that long. Of course, with a 16 course meal (plus extras), three and a half hours goes by pretty quickly.

          If it still seems like it might be a little awkward, consider Guy Savoy. I thought the food at Guy Savoy wasn't quite as good as at Robuchon, but it was still excellent. The key about Guy Savoy is that the service is a little more informal and warmer (contrasted with Robuchon's service, which is as good or better, but more formal). By the end of the evening, I felt like I had made friends with several of the servers, including an excellent wine steward.

          1. re: Larry

            Larry, I'd read your comprehensive reviews and appreciate your help.

        2. Craft steak has low bar tables that take some of the inconvenience of sitting at the actual bar out. The bar tables are not in the main dining area and some offer great people watching views and I think pretty comfortable for dining solo.

          1. Try Benihana at the Hilton. Teppan tables have a lot of people so you won't be eating alone. Sure it's like fake Japanese, but really fun once in a while.