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Dec 3, 2007 11:53 AM

Tsukuba in Torrance

Has anyone been to Tskuba in Torrance? How did you like it? What did you have? Anyhting out of the ordinary?

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  1. So, a co-worker of mine suggested Tskuba and described it as authentic Japanese. I am concerned though that no one on this board has anything to say. I'm contemplating taking a client to lunch there and was hopeful for some kind of feedback.

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    1. I have been there twice, both with clients of mine who loves japanese food. It's good, no frills japanese food. donburis, saba, curry, katsu, simple sushi, etc. You cant go wrong with it. But it's nothing spectacular if that is what you are expecting. Just yummy japanese comfort food.

      1. Thanks Koshie. The reviews are lukewarm. For this client lunch, I think I'll look elsewhere.