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Dec 3, 2007 11:50 AM

Affordable second honeymoon

We are traveling down to NOLA for our 10th anniversary, and would like recs for authentic and affordable romantic eats. Our plan is to do traditional fare/nothing fancy for lunches, and something a bit more romantic for dinners. We'd like to keep our food budget under $100 a day if possible. We're staying in CBD, but are willing to explore. Ideas? Also, would particularly love places with NO kids' menu. :) Thanks!

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  1. If your budget it $50 per person for the day ($100/2=$50) you can eat well but you will have to sacrifice atmosphere and creativity. With that being said here are my recommendations:

    Lunches; Very Casual (in no particluar order)
    Johnny's Po-boys
    Central Grocery
    Coops Place
    Deanies on Annunciation

    Nicer lunches still casual
    Rio Mar
    Mr. B's
    palace cafe

    Dinners casual
    Dick & Jenny's
    Jaques Imos
    Coops Place (very casual)

    Dinner dressy casual
    Rio Mar
    Bon Ton Cafe


    The dinner places I mentioned can fall into your budget but you would have to have a very modest lunch and of course no alcohol.

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      For $10pp, Mat and Naddies has a nice lunch buffet (not your typical fare). Port of Call for burgers. Redfish Grill is also reasonable for lunch. Lols on Esplanade for inexpensive Spanish cuisine.

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        As you will soon see, I am NOT a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), but life is about the memories. None of us checks out with one dime. That said, I'd call Restaurant August and tell them the occasion. I highly recommend the "chef's tasting," as Chef Besh does a great job. As stated on other threads (I will not bore you with details), I'd look to the half-bottle wine list, if you enjoy wine with your meal.

        For #2, I'd next look to Commander's Palace, as much for the total experience, as for the food, though it is very good. Not as close to you, but not THAT far away.


        Restaurant August
        301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

        Commander's Palace Restaurant
        1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

      2. $100/day will be difficult, but not impossible with some effort. If you want to try any truly romantic/nice places, I would find those that serve lunch, and hit the more modest/inexpensive places at dinner. For example, Rio Mar (mentioned below) has a very well priced lunch/tapas menu. I find the seafood stew alone ($8) to be enough for one. Commanders has lunch and cocktail specials that worthwhile. Bayona also has a very modestly priced lunch menu and you can sti in the courtyard if the weather is warm enough.

        For dinner, I would try Adolfo’s on Frenchmen. I find it a very quaint/romantic place (but not fancy by any means) and the cannelloni and escargot appetizers are not only delicious but the size of entrees. I’d also include Mona Lisa on Chartres in the same catagory, although a bit more eclectic in a uniquely New Orleans way. While not romantic, Eat New Orleans on Dauphine is delicious and you can bring your own wine or champagne so it seems like a splurge.

        1. For lunch:
          Central Grocery
          SURREY'S - AMAZING and could walk from the CBD.
          Port o Call

          Martinuqie Bistro
          Jacques Imos
          Brigtsens (for a splurge but not too much of one)
          Rio Mar

          I would skip: Arnauds, Antoines, Emerils (great banana cream pie though)