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Jun 11, 2006 02:23 PM

House of Clay pot

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another new place (for me).

Always on the lookout for great places in richmond (I always carry with me the list that Melanie Wong posted about a year ago(?). I found a place that is not only very agreeable physically but has excellent food.
844 Clement st, House of Clay Pot, has some interesting dishes, and all seemed very well prepared.

Chicken mushroom claypot was soft and fragrant.
Roasted duck with taro was the best version I have had (and I have tried many!)
General tsao's chicken (I was forced to order this by my friend, normally I avoid it) it was truly wonderful. not over-fried or over-battered! actually had the right amount of spice and sauce...
House vegetable goose was served warm which was a surprise but not bad (still prefer it cold!)
ong choy was well prepared...

a very nice option for someone in the area!

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  1. Glad you liked it! I haven't been back since trying it last fall.

    Looks like you didn't order any clay pot rice. In case the cruets of seasoned soy-based sauce are still on the tables, it's worth mentioning that you add your own to the pot of rice, then mix it up. I had noticed a couple table near us remarking that the rice pots weren't that tasty ... that's the secret.


    1. I actually miss the Kwong Shing deli that was in this Clement St location. Too bad it closed a few months ago.

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      1. re: Bill Wong

        So do I, their roasted duck and pig had the best flavor of the Clement St. bunch -- good steam table stuff as well. Anyone know where they are these days?

      2. Whoops, missed that address change! I went to the location on Geary. Didn't know it had taken over Kwong Shing's spot, seems like that would be a smaller venue.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I got both take-out menus and they look pretty similar. Haven't tried it yet though. I will most likely be getting stuff to go (no fun trying to take baby out to restaurants), so I will have to remember to ask for some of that sauce to season my clay pot rice with.

          1. re: Anya L

            Ah, two locations, an expansion and not a move. Thanks for the information.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I believe there is also a location on Irving. This mini-chain seems to have sprouted overnight!

              1. re: Anya L

                No kidding! Guess the owners finally came up with a winning formula.