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Recs for Private Chef for 40th for 14?

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I want to do a very elegant, high-end dinner for 14 people at my home in Bucktown for my husband. Has anyone used one that was fabulous, in terms of service, quality of food, etc?

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  1. Did you find a private chef you would recommend?

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      Nope. I spent a lot of money on a chef that was recommended to me by a family friend. Not only did he break a piece of crystal, but his food was not good. So, I would not recommend him--sorry. wish I had something to report!

    2. I realize this is an old post, but to anyone looking for a personal chef for dinner parties and such, I give my highest recommendation to Chef Daniel Herskovic.

      Full disclosure: He's a personal friend. That said, his food is amazing and he never fails to provide the dinner that makes for an excellent celebration. It's not hard to find him -- just Google "chef daniel chicago" (or go to www.ChefDaniel.com).

      1. Next time you want fine dining that is easy and not stuffy, try the Curry Hut Restaurant in Highwood Park. You will be transported back to Colonial India with the dishes that are served. You might even think that you are back in Colonial India. You will be served fine meals by cooks who eat their own creations.

        Curry Hut
        410 Sheridan Rd Ste 1, Highwood, IL 60040