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Dec 3, 2007 11:23 AM

Butcher Recs for Christmas Prime Rib in SEA

Between Tacoma and Everett, where would you go to get a 10-12lb prime rib (for about 8 people)? How far in advance shall I order it in time for Christmas?


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  1. Not sure how far in advance you would need to order but Don and Joe's Meats in the market always come through with top of the line beef.

    1. A and J on top of Queen Anne.

      1. Skagit River Ranch had a sign saying they had Prime Rib Roasts at $18/# at this weekend U-Dist Farmer's Market. I'd give them a call and see if they'll have any this weekend in the U-Dist or Ballard Markets....

        1. I have only purchased a prime rib once - from D&D Meats in Mountlake Terrace. It isn't free-range, grass-fed, hormone-free, etc, but is affordable.

          I can say that this recipe was great - the dry-aging resulted in super flavorful meat:

          1. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions!