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Dec 3, 2007 11:13 AM

near the Ritz Carlton, Dana Point [Moved from California board]

We'll be attending meetings and staying at the Ritz Carlton at Dana Point in January. Are there interesting (but not too expensive) places to eat nearby?

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  1. There's a WONDERFUL place called Dizz's As Is right down the street from there. My sister always gets the rack of lamb there but I think everything I've ordered there is good. It is an eclectic decor and if you blink, you may miss it when you drive by but the locals all know about it...just ask the concierge.

    I had the filet mignon and it just melted in my mouth - it was wonderful! I don't think they take reservations unless you have a large party - so go there knowing you may wait a little while. I may be wrong though...

    Oops, just noticed you said not too expensive. I would have to rate this an expensive restaurant but hey, if you're staying at the can afford this place.

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      thanks for the advice - my husband will be having his meals at the conference - I'm on my own

    2. I'd recommend driving up to Laguna Beach if you get a chance - it's a little nicer area for walking around, etc. than Dana Point. I like Cafe Zinc and the Zinc Market, and for a real meal 230 Forest is especially good.

      In Dana Point, I used to like the Harbor House Cafe for breakfast when I lived up there, but I have no idea what it's like now - it was sort of a funky coffee shop. There's not much within walking distance of the Ritz - I think there are a couple of smallish strip malls near the highway there, but all I recall seeing there is a Starbucks. The St. Regis resort is just down the street, might be fun to check out. '

      Here is a link that talks about some other options in Dana Point -

      1. Continuing with the Laguna theme, Eva's Caribbean, 230 Forest, Sun Dried Tomato Cafe, for the sheer spectacular view, the Cliffside Restaurant. The Orange Inn, Penguin Cafe, Mosun on special nights, Shaleen upstairs at Mozambique, Sapphire!!! Tons of stuff in Laguna - just get a ride there & you'll be just fine and not bored for a moment!

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          Sorry, just realized this all should be on the LA Board - you'll get more ideas there. Although, add Taco Loco, La Serena, Javier's (if still open at that location...)

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            thank you - I'm looking forward to Laguna and I will check out the L.A. board

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              If you need a place for very early or late breakfast, lunch or dinner then you might want to drop by the Harbor House Cafe right in Dana Point. Huge portions and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.


        2. Dana Point Harbor has many offers for restaurants. There is a really good deli, sorry, can't recall the name, and a fish place that looked good when I was last down there (in Nov.). Then you could walk around and shop a bit. BTW...there is also an aquarium and tall ships on the west end of the harbor area.

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