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PHX- Where to buy '00" flour

Does anyone know where I can get '00' flour here in Phoenix? How about almond or chestnut flour? thanks

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  1. I drive by ABC Cake Decorating every day and called them...they don't carry any flour at all. You may want to call the nearest AJs to you or possibly the new Whole Foods in Chandler and inquire.

    1. I found a reference to the Chef's Warehouse selling 00 flour in Phoenix when I was looking around. Google gives this info:

      Chefs Warehouse
      351 S Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ
      (623) 934-5834

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        Amazon.com sells it for $3.99 for 2.2lbs (1kg). Chefswarehouse.com has the exact same stuff for over $12. Yikes.

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          Amazon might be the way to go. Although Chef's warehouse sounds like a cool place. Thanks everyone.

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            Amazon's shipping is almost $9 for it, but if you buy enough, maybe you'll be into their free shipping price range. :)

      2. I surely don't know, but I wonder if one of the places listed in the thread linked below might have it?


        1. I know I've seen almond flour in the past at Trader Joe's...don't know if they still carry it though.

          If AJ's or WF doesn't have the 00 your best bet might be to order from King Arthur....or try one of the Italian markets(DeFalco's, Andreoli, )

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            FYI, King Arthur is out of their "00 clone"--that was the first online source I checked.

            I found another online source with a good unit price ($2.50/kg), but one has to buy 5 kg (~11 lbs) at a time. FedEx residential ground delivery costs around $10 for the 5 kg package.

            See here for more details:

            AG Ferrari sells organic tipo 0 (but not tipo 00) at $6.99/kg + shipping.

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              Oops, sorry! Just knew I'd seen it in the KA catalog recently.

              Tried the Corti Brothers site but doesn't look like they carry it either.

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                No need to apologize. I thought of them for the same reason you did. :-)

                Maybe people cooked pizzas instead of turkeys this year?

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                I buy San Paolo OO from Francvin. I buy it by the case of 12 Kg and some other products for a restaurant. I know you can buy it by the Kg for $5, but I don't know if there is a minimum to ship. I hope this helps, they sell some cool imported ingredients

            2. Arizonagirl -

              Did you find the 00 flour locally? Made my first batch of homemade pasta tonight...turned out quite well so want to make this frequently and am thinking should get my hands on some 00 flour to see the difference from the AP flour I used today. Before I order some thought I'd see if you ever found it around town? Tks!

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                Niccoli's on 16th and Bethany Home sells it. I believe its $5. I haven't tried it yet.

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                  We've moved the discussion of making your own pasta to the Home Cooking board at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/475663

              2. Defalco's on Scottsdale sells "00" flour, it is in the cooler.

                1. I plead ignorance! Please educate me about 00 flour --

                  1. As reported by Molto E, Defalco's has "00". I've made pasta with regular flour and "00", and the 00 is easier to work with and makes a pasta that has a superior texture. Its about $5 for a 1kg bag (2.2 lbs).

                    1. I've been asking Liberty Market in Gilbert to carry Caputo typo 00, and they seem to be leaning toward doing it. Last time I went in and asked, they mentioned that they'd been asked several times over the last couple weeks, so I know it's not only me!

                      I'm ready to buy a 50lb bag at this point, if anyone wants to split.

                      1. For anyone still looking, defalcos in Scottsdale is still selling it for $5 a small bag which is a great price. They said they will also order a big bag if you call ahead. They will shred whole milk mozzarella as well. I have a hard time finding whole shredded mozzarella.

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                          Gilbert Pizza will happily sell you their homemade fresh mozzarella with a little bit of advance notice. They'll also shred it for you, but rather grumpily. (I sent a friend to pick it up once and she assumed I wanted shredded cheese.)

                        2. I've found Antimo Caputo 1kg bags by the case on Amizon to be the cheapest option. With prime shipping, I get it in 2 days. I have pizza dough rising right now.

                          1. I just picked up another 55 pound bag of caputo 00 flour for $53. Shamrock foods carries it, and if you aren't buying enough for a $300 minimum, you can deal with Liberty Distributing (just across the street from Shamrock). It was easy and fast.

                            I built a wood-fired pizza oven, so we go through about a bag a year. I put the flour in gallon sized bags and store it in the freezer until we need it. If anyone is in need, I'd be happy to share.

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                              Sorry to dig up an old thread...

                              Are you referring to Lively Distributing? I can't find a Liberty Distributing anywhere online but I haven't been to the area in person.

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                                just saw this, sorry! It's been long enough ago that I don't remember with any certainty what the name of the company is. Since I always manage to forget by the time I need a new bag, I end up having to call Shamrock Foods directly, and they always graciously forward me to the smaller distributor.

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                                  No problem, thanks for getting back to me! I figured I'd try something like that. I may be trying to get access to Restaurant Depot...So one way or another, I WILL GET THE FLOUR haha. Thank you again.

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                                    DeFalco in Scottsdale said they would sell me a big bag. Give them a call and see.

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                                      They don't have it at Restaurant Depot. At least the last time I checked they didn't. How much do you need? I have at least 20lb in my freezer.

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                                        Sorry it's been a while on my end this time!

                                        I'm probably looking to keep 10-15 lbs on hand, but wouldn't have mind buying the 50lbs bag. Maybe I'll call Shamrock like you said and see if they'll help.

                                        And you're right about Restaurant Depot, they don't have it there. Too bad about that, I was hoping so.

                              2. I just noticed Hayden Flour Mills http://haydenflourmills.com claims to produce a type 00 flour.

                                I suggest you work with the smaller retailers and call ahead to save from wasting a trip. Whole Foods was a total bust, for me. The clerk I asked, checked with her manager, and they were clueless. I'm kicking myself for not trying the Sphinx Date Ranch, today. I was getting my car fixed a block away.

                                The executive chef at the MIM was very helpful. He gets their products delivered every Friday, and offered to get me what I needed. He had some of their products on hand. I'll take him up on it, if I can't find anything sooner. I was trying to get the polenta integrale, BTW, not the type 00 flour.

                                I might try Pane Bianco or the Public Market Cafe, tomorrow.

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                                  FYI - Pane Bianco and Public Market Cafe had token displays similar to the MIM, mostly sold out.

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                                    I really need to try the Hayden Flour Mills 00 flour. thanks for the reminder!

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                                      Hayden Mills has a table at the Scottsdale Oldtown Farmers Market on Saturdays, and they usually have their 00 flour.

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                                        I noticed that Hayden Mills makes that 00-type flour, I just happened to think that $10 for 1.5 pounds was...steeep.

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                                          Yeah, I guess selling to the general public isn't their primary business. I've seen their products in a few places, even the Whole Foods on Tatum/Shea and Town & Country. I never noticed the 00 - just basic flours and maybe standard polenta.

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                                            The Hayden Mills flours are pretty expensive if you're doing to do any baking in quantity. But they are made from locally grown, non-GMO grains, so they are not mass produced and which is why they're pricey. They are definitely worth trying if you are making something special.

                                        2. I recently bought Hayden Flour Mill's Arizona Rose 00 flour (among other treats) at The Bodega in Old Town Scottsdale. I paid $6.50.

                                          FnB and Bodega Market: