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it is snowing in NH, what are you cooking tonight?

I want to make something yummy tonight- I'd love to hear what everyone is cooking!

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  1. I'm making this:


    Plus will do something with some zucchini and eggplant, plus a salad.

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      Snowing here in the western mountain of Maryland--I am doing a bbq-moz cheese meatloaf, mash pot and corn (from this summer's work!) Not very gourmet-but my son likes it and with the grey look outside it will qualify as comfort food.

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        I feel like a broken record on this recipe, but it is so darn easy and tasty - just finished dinner. The chicken is incredibly moist and flavorful.

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          Your "nagging" ;-) has paid off. My first hubby was first-generation Greek. I developed a taste for Greek omnipresent ingredients. Oil? Lemon? Yogurt? Garlic? I'm there!

      2. grilled baby lamb chops with cilantro/mint/garlic (on my cast iron griddle), fresh green beans with onions and bacon, and cheesey potatoes, a tossed green salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes, and scallions, with a blue cheese dressing. Starving.

        1. leftover pork ribs in a bbq-coffee sauce. trying to think of a way to jazz it up a little, but I am not coming up with much . . .

          1. It's snowing here too, after a sleety mix all day.
            Tonight I'm making a decidely non-Italian baked macaroni with a red sauce that includes sausages, minced poblanos & jalepenos, red onions (since when are these not called Bermuda onions?), garlic, etc... with chili powder & cumin, cilantro instead of basil. All tossed together after cooking, thrown into a casserole, sprinkled with smoked mozzarella and shredded cheddar....crisped under the broiler for a few minutes. A tossed salad completes the meal. Monday has been Macaroni Night here since forever. At my mother's house it was soup night. Sometimes I revert.

            1. hubby just returned from costco with a gigantic roast o'pork. I might do that with some sweet potatoes but my 8 year old son has been pining for what we call hamburger hepless and minced meat is sitting in my meat drawer. decisions........decisions....

              1. Snowing in PA, too. Making fresh linguine (store-bought) with scallops and shrimp, light olive oil white wine reduction + one habanero for the heat :-D.

                1. Butternut squash chunks, carrots, onions and garlic in the slow cooker with dried red pepper pods and fresh ginger, a free range young chicken rubbed down with olive oil, thyme, rosemary, roasting in the oven, wild rice, with sides of freshly made crandberry chutney, and homemade yogurt which has been drained to the thickness of cheese.

                  1. I think maybe I'll go out on the deck and grill some ribeye steaks. But hey, I'm in southern California -- it's not snowing HERE.

                    1. The snow was mostly a tease but the temp sure took a dive in NJ.
                      We're enjoying mini turkey burgers and tomatoe vegetable soup

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                        I try to use ground turkey every second time I make burgers for hubby, who loves them. Was wondering, Hill, if you don't mind sharing, how you season yours and make sure they stay moist?

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                          MaggieRSN, I add a few tsp of plain yogurt to the turkey mixture.

                      2. Snowing on and off in MA. I'm using up the last of the thanksgiving stuffing with some chicken breasts. Baked in an OJ/white wine sauce.

                        1. I made chicken piccata, with a green salad and some ciabbata that I baked yesterday.

                          1. We just had some spaghetti with meat sauce and Italian sausages. Good comfort food for a drizzly, cold, icy night.

                            1. grilled cheese and tomato soup...amongst several batches of Christmas cookies!

                              1. prepared oven roast covered with a paste of rosemary, dry mustard, garlic and salt, for tomorrows dinner. Tonight chicken soup with bow tie noodles, chicken with a yellow squash casserole, and apple brown betty for dessert.

                                1. snowing in the Catskills last day or so- I cooked all-natural beef hamburgers (with Peter Luger Steak Sauce mixed into the meat and hand formed patties) and hebrew national knockwurst on the barbecue- melted the couple of inches of snow of the barby in a minute flat! nothing like grilling in the snow! hush puppies and steamed broccoli- wife and daughter happy...

                                  1. Pork loin roasted with onion slices in red wine; loin served as medallions with a nice little gravy made from the pan juices; spinach lightly sauteed w/a touch of butter, S&P; wild rice.

                                    It was delicious...so tender and juicy...wine just right...but I could easily trade it for any number of the meals others here made tonight. So diverse, and they all sound delicious!

                                    1. We started with gougeres. Good, but I liked them much more the last time I made them, a month ago. I don't think they taste different - I've just been eating so much heavy food for a couple of weeks with all of the Thanksgiving celebrating, time with the fam, etc.

                                      Then we enjoyed chicken marbella (a whole small chicken marinated with prunes, capers, garlic, bay, olives and then roasted for 50 mins at 350 with wine and brown sugar, but I use a wine substitute of stock/white grape juice/vinegar) and ricotta-red onion smashed red potatoes. DIVINE. Also divinely easy, as the chicken was all ready to go and my sweety prepared the potatoes while I played on chowhound. :)

                                      It is not snowing in Rhode Island, drizzly and a teeeeensy bit warmer tonight, but last night everything was iced up. I wanted something cozy and easy and I found it -- I tried ravioli with Marcella's tomato-butter-onion sauce, perfect for a frigid night when one doesn't have the slightest desire to go out to the market. I also tried a new creamsicle drink last night that I found on another CH thread: Mix seltzer and orange juice over ice, and top with a couple of spoons of heavy cream. Wowzas! Flavor explosions.

                                      I can't wait to make Marbella & mashed potato sandwiches for lunch tomorrow!