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Toddler-friendly dining?

I know it's a hot topic, but we'll be in town visiting and would like to go out a couple of times, perhaps with the toddler in tow. This would be for lunch and/or dinner and is obviously not for any four star-type places.

Any suggestions? We'll be in Pasadena mostly, but traveling around to Hollywood, Malibu and perhaps the valley (SF).

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  1. Generally good bets are Middle Eastern or Asian restaurants as they tend to love kids and treat families well. In Hollywood I recommend Caroussel.

    5112 Hollywood Blvd #107
    Los Angeles 90027
    between N Normandie Ave & Winona Blvd
    Phone: 323-660-8060

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      Out in Malibu we like both Duke's (and it's right on the water) for Polynesian food and Taverna Tony's for Greek food.



    2. There is a cute, comfy, cozy, relaxed place in Eagle Rock called Larkins
      It's contemporary soul food...lots of comfort food in a cute old craftsman home.
      There is an aoutdoor patio. It's very neighborhoody and I've seen several families with well-behaved toddlers.
      The place is just a hop skip and a jump from Pasadena.

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        I think Cliffs Edge would be cool with little ones, the patio is lovely and I know they make a mean burger at brunch...not sure if it is on the dinner menu.

      2. Zankou Chicken in Pasadena would be a good bet for lunch or dinner. And not too far from Pasadena, in Garvanza, is My Taco, which is also kid-friendly. Neither is much to speak of in terms of atmosphere, but the food is good and there are highchairs and kid-friendly menu options at both.

        My Taco
        6300 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

        Zankou Chicken
        1296 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106, USA

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          Also in Pasadena but with more atmosphere the OP might like Saladang Song for Thai food.

          363 S Fair Oaks Ave
          Pasadena, CA 91105
          Phone: (626) 793-5200

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            My Taco is definitely kid friendly. I know, because I went there and kids were everywhere. I couldn't stand it! A little bit too wily for me.

          2. Angeli Caffe in West Hollywood. The Original Farmer's MArket on Fairfax.
            Pie N Burger in Pasadena?

            Carnival or Caroussel.

            1. One of my standards for toddler-friendly/family-oriented in Pasadena is Green Street restaurant, breakfast, lunch or dinner...inside or outside patio. Nice and casual, but definitely not a coffee shop. We were just there over Thanksgiving weekend with a 6-month old (friend's grandchil') along with a few other families with kids of all ages. http://www.greenstreetrestaurant.com/

              also El Portal, Mijares or La Fiesta Grande for Mexican fare (El P. has Yucatan specialties, others YMMV...not a big LFG fan; Mijares- margs are good, okay combo plates, etc.).

              Green Street Restaurant
              146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Some of these places I've been to and have been wanting to go back!

                1. Sunday nights at The Stand in Encino is like Woodstock for toddlers. Live music, and lots of little ones running around.