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Dec 3, 2007 10:55 AM

Toddler-friendly dining?

I know it's a hot topic, but we'll be in town visiting and would like to go out a couple of times, perhaps with the toddler in tow. This would be for lunch and/or dinner and is obviously not for any four star-type places.

Any suggestions? We'll be in Pasadena mostly, but traveling around to Hollywood, Malibu and perhaps the valley (SF).

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  1. Generally good bets are Middle Eastern or Asian restaurants as they tend to love kids and treat families well. In Hollywood I recommend Caroussel.

    5112 Hollywood Blvd #107
    Los Angeles 90027
    between N Normandie Ave & Winona Blvd
    Phone: 323-660-8060

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    1. re: Servorg

      Out in Malibu we like both Duke's (and it's right on the water) for Polynesian food and Taverna Tony's for Greek food.

    2. There is a cute, comfy, cozy, relaxed place in Eagle Rock called Larkins
      It's contemporary soul food...lots of comfort food in a cute old craftsman home.
      There is an aoutdoor patio. It's very neighborhoody and I've seen several families with well-behaved toddlers.
      The place is just a hop skip and a jump from Pasadena.

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      1. re: tatertotsrock

        I think Cliffs Edge would be cool with little ones, the patio is lovely and I know they make a mean burger at brunch...not sure if it is on the dinner menu.

      2. Zankou Chicken in Pasadena would be a good bet for lunch or dinner. And not too far from Pasadena, in Garvanza, is My Taco, which is also kid-friendly. Neither is much to speak of in terms of atmosphere, but the food is good and there are highchairs and kid-friendly menu options at both.

        My Taco
        6300 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

        Zankou Chicken
        1296 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106, USA

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          Also in Pasadena but with more atmosphere the OP might like Saladang Song for Thai food.

          363 S Fair Oaks Ave
          Pasadena, CA 91105
          Phone: (626) 793-5200

          1. re: garvanza girl

            My Taco is definitely kid friendly. I know, because I went there and kids were everywhere. I couldn't stand it! A little bit too wily for me.

          2. Angeli Caffe in West Hollywood. The Original Farmer's MArket on Fairfax.
            Pie N Burger in Pasadena?

            Carnival or Caroussel.

            1. One of my standards for toddler-friendly/family-oriented in Pasadena is Green Street restaurant, breakfast, lunch or dinner...inside or outside patio. Nice and casual, but definitely not a coffee shop. We were just there over Thanksgiving weekend with a 6-month old (friend's grandchil') along with a few other families with kids of all ages.

              also El Portal, Mijares or La Fiesta Grande for Mexican fare (El P. has Yucatan specialties, others YMMV...not a big LFG fan; Mijares- margs are good, okay combo plates, etc.).

              Green Street Restaurant
              146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101