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Dec 3, 2007 10:53 AM

Really good Mexican restaurant in Berlin?

Is there a really good Mexican restaurant in Berlin? What I am looking for is good tamales. I can make most of the other Mexican dishes I really like, but I can't get the corn husks for the tamales and don't have the special steamer pot used and making them is an all-day job. I am going to Berlin Thursday to try to find the bookstores with used books in English. Thank you.

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  1. I can only think of one Mexican restaurant in Berlin - its on the North side of Theodor Heuss Platz on the west side. I ate there about 4 years ago when I was on exchange - I cant tell you if it was good and I would remember if it was awful - which it was not. Not sure in regards to Tamales. Hope this helps. There is a great bookstore in between the S-bahn station and Unter den Linden at that stop with a huge english section - I bought Red badge of Courage for 2 E.

    1. This place seems to get uniformly positive reviews. I haven't tried it but they serve tacos as soft corn tortillas and have enchiladas with mole on the menu so it sounds very promising.

      Viva Mexico
      Chausseestra├če 36
      10115 Berlin
      Tel: 030 - 280 78 65
      U Bahn Oranienburger Tor

      Having said that, in Munich I buy tamales frozen from a mexican foods store, and I was really pleasantly surprised by how good they were. Might be worth seeing if there is a Mexican grocery store somewhere in Berlin.

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        I've been to Viva Mexico quite a few times on my stays in Berlin. My spouse, who is American, calls it good, basic, authentic food. "The mole sauce tastes right." It's good value too.

        We planned to eat there tonight but it being so close to New Year I rang them up in advance. The telephone number was out of service. We're not staying far away so we went along anyway, but all the lights were out. There was a notice up about planned days off over Christmas and New Year, but it was supposed to open on 2nd (two days ago), and with the phone number not working I have a bad feeling about it.

        I'll be really disappointed if it's shut down. There's nothing comparable in London, where I live.

        Anyone have any news about the place?

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          thanks for your reply.....but got some sad news about viva mexico.....its no longer there. l wanted to buy encilada sauce because l wanted to make some and its the only place l know that sells it. Well...when l got was out of business. The area is a construction site....on the other side of the street, and most of the businesses l knew are closed down completely. Even the back packers hotel is gone across the anyone knows a store that sells mexican ingredients.....l would be thankful for the info.....

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            mexical, I think you will have better luck posting this question on the Berlin forum of

        2. I know of one Mexican place - don't know it it's good. Right near the Alexanderplatz. I think near the BErlin marriott - not sure about the Tamales, it looked kind of "commericial." Good luck!

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            NOT Alexanderplatz - Postdamer Platz - sorry!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. That is a very good idea!

            2. hi..just read your request on search for corn husks.....well..theyre hard to a mex american....and l too have been on the search for this and many other ingredients for mexican cooking. There is store spanish store in Charlottenburg called Aqui Espana on Kant Strasse. There you can find some ingredients but most of it is spanish. l made tamales are correct, it is a all day affair or a all nighter. l brought all the ingredients from california except the recipe...that came by mail from my was 5 pages long and a step by step procedure. Been in Belin for awhile...ate at many mexican resturants..all tasted good...but it was not like home...l cook pretty good mexican food....nothing like the resturants....with the fancy plates...l cook real home made food....l make my own tortillas...and anything else l of mexican l can make. But since my divorce ....l dont cook much at all..cause my exwife..then my wife...was the best critic l ever had..she helped me to perfect my cooking...
              lf you ever fine a store that sells real ingredients let me know....
              of course there is small mex. resturant in Mitte...called Via is real good...and l use the to know the owner of the place...have not been there in awhile...l became somewhat good friends with him,,,knew his wife and daughter....have to go there and see if he is still there.....funny thing...he even offered me to sell me his place ..because after our talks.....he found out l knew how to cook real authentic mexican food...................get back if you find a real mexican store....if you do....would be really greatful

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                Buenos tardes, Mexical. One of my friends in Mexico is going to Laredo this month or next and will mail me some corn shucks. I was in Berlin Sunday at tthe Tierpark in E. Berlin and had lunch in a so-called Mexican restaurant, Ranchero Mexicano. The enchiladas were not very good, but were at least made with corn tortillas. They didn't have enough sauce (supposed to have salsa pasilla) and when I asked for extra sauce, the waitress brought me La Costena Salsa Chipotle and another bottled sauce (habanero) from Mexico. I used the salsa chipotle rather than trying to explain what I really wanted. The enchiladas had onions inside like the Tex-Mex ones rather than onion rings on top like in Mexico. The rice wasn't nearly as good as I can make, using my friend Maru's recipe. I think I will stick to having Mexican food at home where I know how to make it correctly. Aqui Espana does have masa harina in bags. I fell and broke my arm on the way to my car and it's now in a cast from fingers to elbow. Typing is difficult and very painful.

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                  I was in Aqui Espana yesterday and they have a good supply of different kinds of chiles en polvo now that they didn't have before. They also have masa harina and corn tortillas frozen (already made). I bought some, but haven't tried them yet. The supply of Mexican food products has increased, more of it and more different items, but still no corn husks.