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Dec 3, 2007 10:52 AM

[DAL] Reveillon?

Anyone aware of a Dallas restaurant offering Reveillon for this Christmas season? or at least a special holiday season menu?

I used to enjoy these dinners (feasts would be a more appropriate word, as no one seemed to mind that our meals lasted hours, even when we started at 11 or midnight and went into the early morning hours) on trips to New Orleans, and also when I lived there:

I remember Tujague's, Commander's Palace, and Galatoire's having been favorites. Of course those absinthe-colored memories could all have been because we typically drank twice the cost of the dinner, LOL.

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  1. Please elaborate! I'm so intrigued! What is this mysterious Reveillon you speak of - I'm a yankee by birth and still not fully versed in the ways of the south!

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      Reveillon is a French Catholic tradition (NOT a southern tradition) which got reinterpreted in the New World e.g. New Orleans or Quebec or in the French Carribean. It's a long dinner/party of luxury foods (lobster, oyster, foie gras, chestnut-stuffed birds and meats, cakes of all types, and lots of wines and liqueurs, typically concluding with sparkling wine/Champagne) which is served on Christmas and/or New Year's Eve AFTER the family/friends returns from evening/midnight mass. In New Orleans, chefs adapted the menu to use locally-available ingredients and flavors: lots of duck, redfish, oysters, andouiile, herbsaint etc., often combining these with old-French flavors (such as classic sauces) and techniques.

      Did I mention that alcohol was the universal and superb lubricant for these evenings? I'm not Catholic, but I used to have a couple of drinks, then go to mass with friends, then we'd all head to a restaurant to resume the drinking and begin the feasting.

      For Dallas, I found a listing of restaurants offering special Christmas menus, but no Reveillon (I could make do if a restaurant would seat us at, say, midnight, but none seem to be open that late). See the "Christmas dining" section in the link below:

      Curious why redgypsy doesn't want me to post about it? The more the merrier, as far as I am concerned, for Reveillon outside the home, and such publicity might help sustain places that help preserve such traditions...

      1. re: guttural

        You must have mis-read -- my request was if you found a Reveillon to to please post about it. Sounds like you struck out though which is what I expected. Sadly Dallas has not embraced the concept of alcohol fueled dinners starting at midnight.

        1. re: redgypsy

          Indeed. I had read your post as "please DON'T post about it" apologies.

    2. I moved to DFW from NOLA and I have yet to run into a Reveillon here. I'm sure there are special holiday prix fixe menus (actually I'm not sure -- the one place I could bet on is now closed) but nothing that quite matches up to a traditional Reveillon. Sorry. But...if you find one please do post about it.

      1. From my experience, Reveillon dinners are unique to New Orleans. There are no restaurants carrying that experience outside of the City to places like the DFW. Check the Guidelive for lists of places with special holiday dinners but do not expect anything like Christmas in New Orleans. I love and miss New Orleans and do enjoy visiting the Metro.