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Dec 3, 2007 10:35 AM

Cheap pasta maker in Toronto?

Hi All,

I was wondering if somebody might be able to suggest where I could find a cheap pasta maker here in Toronto. I'm looking for the no-frills, hand-cranked type (around yonge & eglinton would be a bonus).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. i saw a cheap one on Orfus Rd in one of the kitchen and houseware stores (not Kitchen Stuff) for like $10. This was maybe a month ago. It looked fine, quality wise. Not sure if it was a sale price, but they'd probably be cheap there anyway. But it probably wouldn't be worth your time to travel all the way over there to save a few bucks, unless you have ugly sketchbag clothing to buy. Or visit that cheese store while you're there; that place is pretty wicked.

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      Would it be Barnes and Castle? I got mine for $20 at the Eaton Centre location earlier this year.

    2. Honest Eds and Nyleve's secret store, Sasmart, in Kensington sell Imperia pasta makers for about $50. I find it is a great pasta maker for that price point.

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        Outed again. Another source for inexpensive kitchen stuff is Tap Phong on Spadina near Baldwin. It's a huge Asian kitchen/restaurant/hardware supply store and there are always pasta makers there.

      2. Forget the dirt cheap models sold in the Orfus schlock emporia or kitsch vendors like Barnes and Castle or Benix.The basic chrome steel and brass Italian-made, hand-cranked models work best and last the longest. Stick with basic flat cuts like fettucine. Italian shops and hardware stores along St Clair W might be your best bet. Be prepared to drop 50-100 bucks for a quality rig. Don't bother with anything electric. Be aware that many upscale cookware joints either skip old school Italian gear altogether--or jack the prices up. Try St Clair W.

        1. I referred to this thread before setting out to get my own Imperia or Atlas 150 pasta maker. FYI, Tap Phong on Spadina is selling the Imperia for $60 right now, and Consiglio's on St. Clair has it for $50. Both places also sell cheaper Asian-made pasta makers for $20 a piece.

          Tap Phong
          360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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            Cool. My girlfriend(later wife)got our beloved Grazia looong ago from Eaton's downtown, on sale with a few accessory cutters for what seemed like a bit of change to a couple of broke grad students. The Italian-made models are bomb-proof, simpler the better. You'll enjoy it.

          2. I saw a few on classifieds sites, those things are often bought and not used much so it may be worth a try?