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Dec 3, 2007 09:59 AM

Bagels near Arlington (non-toasted)

I love Bagels by US in Arlington, but I think their bagels need to be toasted. Where can I get some good fresh bagels for a party that will be really good without being toasted?

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  1. I'm a fan of Iggy's, straight from the bakery, but they aren't New York style bagels, more like Montreal. You can find much more discussion here:

    130 Fawcett St, Cambridge, MA

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      Thanks! We went to Iggys, and they were good. Much better than the Iggys bagels you can get at the supermarket.

    2. I like the locally made bagels at Bagel Land on North Main St. in Winchester. it is a kind of hole-in-the-wall place across the street from the Dunkin Donuts. I really like their Marble bagel and the sesame seed too They are all made on-site everyday.

      1. an 18 min ride chelsea katz bagels
        btw toasting of bagels is for the most part only done when they are a couple of days old
        ask the experts (aka) jewish people.
        growing up around many of them the real old timers told me that many times

        1. I agree - love Bagels by Us (Richie's a great guy too) and agree too about the toasting of their bagels. However, there is one exception: the egg bagels are great "as is". :o)

          1. Anyone been to breakfast at Bagels by Us since they expanded and have table service? Their menu isn't on the website, just the take-out menu.