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Dec 3, 2007 09:27 AM

Clarendon area Indian Recommendations?

My mom's office is going to throw a luncheon for a colleague that is moving back to India, and they wanted to find a nearby restaurant to cater.

Washingtonian gives a nod to the Dehli Club, which I've never tried.


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  1. I think Dehli Club is very good - but one of my favorites, albeit Pakistani, is Ravi Kabob. They do catering but their menu may not be as extensive. Good luck.

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    1. re: beachgirl54

      I agree that Delhi Club may be Clarendon's best Indian (although it isn't my favorite Indian restaurant by far) and Ravi Kabob is a must try (esp. the chickpeas).

      I live right below Tandoori Nights and we used to frequent it due to the convienence but unfortunately, it seems to have gone downhill. The portions (and menu it seems?) have gotten smaller and the flavors have become less sharp. Also, they switched from a delicious unsweetened, freshly brewed mango iced tea to ice tea from a gun- I know this sounds like a small thing but it really annoyed me as the old iced tea was a perfect counterpoint to the spicy Indian food.

      1. re: JAC13

        I agree that Delhi Club is nice. Every time I've eaten there I've been happy.

      2. re: beachgirl54

        I will second the recommendation for Ravi Kabob. Its excellent, but not really in Clarendon (its at the intersection of N. Glebe and Pershing, nearer to Ballston).

        1. re: Bill4242

          At lunch time, Ravi Kabob is crowded and busy. I don't know what their catering setup is, if any, but my guess is that someone from the office would have to pick up the food and set up the luncheon. It might be a good place for a small group of co-workers who regularly eat lunch together to go for a meal before your colleague leaves, however.

      3. This is out in Annandale but Shiney's does great catering. We have used them several times and it has been wonderful each time.

        1. I've tried Delhi Club, which was good, but nothing amazing, however I'm sure you could find popular dishes. I think Ravi Kabob is better than Delhi club, however I haven't tried either for catering.

          1. find out, if possible, what this colleague's favorite Indian place is and contact them. I don't think a restaurant needs to be close to do a catering job. good luck

            1. ravi kabob, while good, is not indian --- it is pakistani.