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Dec 3, 2007 08:56 AM

Holiday Cocktail Party Report

Hey everyone!! The party is over :( and was a great success!!! :) We had such a blast and the food was a huge hit!! The list of what I ended up with is as follows:
Brie baked in puff pastry with dried cranberries and brown sugar (very yummy!) I put in on a platter surrounded by fresh cranberries, pears and these cute tiny apples- Looked very festive!
Cheese filled pastry (arabesque) I was nervous because it seemed like the cheese had all come out during baking (i forgot the eggs in the filling) but they tasted delish and everyone loved them! :)
Corn and Bacon gougers (epi)
Spiced nuts- diff. varieties
ham with rolls and mustard (huge hit!!! thank you rubbee for suggesting Ina's recipe- It was fantastic!
chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts- soooo yummy- I served with crostinis and ritz crackers for spreading
tomato and basil bruscetta (I know not very Christmas like however the colors were and I needed something fresh on the table- I am lucky to live in a hot climate so the tomatoes and basil are still very good)
Pan fried onion dip with chips and carrots- This dip is amazing
Baked artichoke dip with crackers and crostini
Cream cheese with homemade pepper jelly and crackers
smoked salmon tea sandwiches (ina's recipe)- so yummy
I had to work late all week and then again on sat. before the party so I didnt get to make the cookies and brownies I intended on making. However when I was making the puff pastry items I had lots of scraps leftover- I tossed them with melted butter and cinnamon sugar before baking- I filled the cookie jar with these and they were a huge hit!!!! So yummy!!!!
Believe it or not at 1:30am (ppl. were there until 5am!) ppl. got hungry again!!! I rant into the kitchen to see what I had on hand and threw together a baked ziti!!!! It was amazing! :)

Thank you to everyone for all your help, ideas and suggestions!!!

Tom p.- I wanted to thank you for your wonderful recipes- I had all th ingredients to make the olives but I didnt want to do them in advanced since you have never tried that way-
When I ended up having to work I just didnt get the time- I have all the ingredients to make them for the next party Im asked to bring a dish to! Thanks!!

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  1. Sounds like a great party!!!! can I have the recipe for Ina's smoked salmon tea sandwiches. Thanks :)

    1. Wow what a night! Congratulations, it sounds like the party was a huge success :-)

      doberlady: here is the link to the Barefoot Contessa Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich recipe: Food Network has a number of Ina Garten's recipes online. If the link for some reason doesn't work just search "Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches" in their Recipe search at the top of the page, the link was the first on the list.

      Hope that helps :)

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      1. Sounds wonderful indeed! I am glad it went so well. It sure sounds like you had more than enough! So do the olives some other time, I know you will like them.

        I can't wait to try the gourgeres...and was there a recipe for the pan fried onion dip on the main post? That sounds incredible, too. (All your choices did.)

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        1. re: Tom P

          The pan fried onion dip was soooooo great!!!! Its Ina's recipe and the link is:

          The butter and oil during caramalizing the onions is really important to the over all flavor of the dip- i think its best with full fat cheese, mayo and sour cream!!! I know it sounds scary but hey its a party! :)

        2. Fantastic menu. How about the cocktails? Anything new and different?

          And where can I get that pan fried onion dip recipe?

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          1. re: Linda513

            check above for the dip recipe- we had a full bar set up with all the liquor, beer, wine and mixers you can imagine- we had egg nogg nut most ppl. felt it was heavy for the party scene- more a cookie/christmas tree decorating party type drink! :)

          2. "Believe it or not at 1:30am (ppl. were there until 5am!) ppl. got hungry again!!!"

            Wow that sounds like my family =]

            Do you mind sending me the chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts recipe?

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            1. re: sunkissedbabe43

              I based the recipe off of Tyler Florence recipe Link:
              The difference in mine was i used dried cranberries (re hydrated in some water) and threw them right in with everything else. I also used a rotisserie chicken that i shredded- so moist and yummy!!!!