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Dec 3, 2007 08:50 AM

Laredo- Nice Restaurant Needed

I need to host an 80th birthday party on the 24th of December in Laredo for approx 8-10 people. It will be in the evening. I am looking for the nicest place that Laredo can offer, no sushi, price is not an issue, and a nice atmosphere is definately a plus. So far I have come up with the 2 restaurants at the La Posada hotel, and Pelicans Wharf. Going accross the border is not an option. Does anyone have any other ideas, or thoughts??

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  1. Probably too late to respond to your post, but La Posada is heaven on earth. They have a cafe/restaurant, the have a higher end restaurant (The Tack Room), and they have a top of the line restaurant (The Tesoro Club). Perfect for a big party, or a wedding. This is a first class, historic, hacienda style hotel, right on the river, a block from the U.S./Mexico bridge. I won't be forgetting my stay at this wonderful hotel anytime soon.