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Dec 3, 2007 08:39 AM

Schulte-Ufer Eco Line Pots - where made?

Hi, I recently bought two saucepans at Marshall's with SUS trademark Schulte-Ufer eco line - Germany on the bottom and now I'm wondering since it doesn't say "Made in Germany" where they are actually manufactured - doesn't say on the hang tag and I've had no luck searching on the internet.

I recently purchased Kuhn Rikon - Switzerland - pots thinking they were made in Switzerland but the hang tag says in very tiny print "made in China" for Kuhn-Rikon. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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  1. I did a search for Schulte-Ufer and found their homepage

    Also, I imaging the Swiss Kuhn-Rikon has a line that is generally less expensive than their Swiss made pots and pans. I also saw that at Marshalls or TJMaxx.

    1. I've been looking at pots and saw these as well, wondering where they were made. It is very frustrating because most brands seem to try to hide where they are made these days.
      At this point I assume they are made in China unless it's clearly marked otherwise.

      Companies who loudly pronounce "designed in USA" or "designed in the UK", etc. just scream to me that they are not made in those places (and they are not)