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Dec 3, 2007 08:27 AM

Dim Sum or Brunch in Union City?

Looking for a dim sum place in Union City that a friend recommended, but don't know the name... What are some of the best places for dim sum in Union City- I saw Mayflower posted, but we've been to Mayflower & thought it was a little overpriced. The place I heard about was "a hole in the wall"???

Otherwise, I'd love to hear about great places for brunch in the area- any kind of food. We're looking for something in Union City because it's half way for us.


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  1. Not Cantonese dim sum for sure, but you might want to try Little Potato, which has some Northern Chinese style brunch fare including dumplings. There's a Sheng Kee Bakery nearby if you want a dan ta or whatever for dessert.

    There's some discussion of it and some other options here: