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Dec 3, 2007 07:50 AM

Recommendation for SEA chowhounder in DFW

I'm in Dallas for a couple of days (following a too short 36 hours in Austin) and would love a dinner recommendation. Went to Blue Goose Cantina last night based on a recommendation from the TX CH board, wanting more of a neighborhood place, weeknight experience. I had the chili rellenos, which were good, but not outstanding. The "award-winning" margaritas were so-so. My idea of great Tex Mex probably differs from that of many Texans.

Tonight I'm prepared to spend a little more and to move beyond TM/Mexican. I'm not into "fine dining." More in the Palace Kitchen or El Camino or Harvest Vine league. Any recommendations from Seattleites knowledgeable about Dallas? BTW, we're in the conference hotel mecca just west of downtown and have a car.

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  1. I lived in Dallas for a while and I enjoyed Terrilli's for good Italian.

    1. I actually dislike Blue Goose and loved Palace Kitchen.

      If it's not too late, try Hattie's in Oak Cliff, Cafe San Miguel on Henderson, or Kitchen 1924 in Lakewood. Search this board for more details on them. for details on location.

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        VKTP --

        Great suggestion! I must have intuited it! We went to Hattie's for lunch and the to Shinsei for dinner (Chowhounders may remember that Casey Thompson from the last season of Top Chef is the executive chef at Shinsei).

        Fabulous meals at both places. Can't say enough about the cocktails at S, including blood orange margarita and purple basil mojito. A film crew from an upcoming online food journal was there, briefly interviewed Casey, and then filmed the manager stirring the lightly fried egg into the fried rice at our table. My TV debut!

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          I'm glad it worked out well! I actually really like Shinsei as well, particularly that blood orange margarita (it's just. . .sexy), and crave the fried rice there all the time.

          1. re: vktp

            I went there last week... the food was meh. Well overpriced, it seemed.

            That fried rice is only very slightly different from what costs $3 at benihana, or can be made at home with leftovers. Using short grain sushi rice was certainly a nice touch, but otherwise, it is just plain old leftovers-fried rice... and I'm sorry, but spending $10, I felt so gypped.