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Din Tai Fung Dumpling House: New Location

I drove past this weekend and saw a brand spanking new building next to Wells Fargo Bank. This is the plaza right next to where the original Dumpling House was. Is the old location open too? Anyone been to the new one yet? It looks pretty nice.

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  1. Can you be a little more specific as to location?

    1. The original location is still up and running. I believe the new building is an extension to it but I don't think it's open yet. As most people who go to DTF know, they can really use more restaurant space!

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        I went to the old restaurant on Sunday and overhead them sending a large table to the new restaurant, so we snuck over for a look after our meal.

        The new space is much bigger and they even have a second floor (the host said it was not opened yet). It was really lovely and airy with high ceilings and shiny new modern chairs. The host of the new place said that they have the exact same food with the same chef in charge. Also, you can go to either restaurant to get a seat.

        It is a completely separate building btw, you have to either cut through behind the bookstore or get to baldwin and walk next door. I was hoping for a secret tunnel. ;)

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          I ate at the original DTF building for lunch yesterday (the hostess didn't ask if we wanted to go to the new building). I was hoping for a tunnel of some sort too!

      2. I went the Saturday before last, and they said they had just opened the new location that weekend. We'd been waiting in line outside the old location since 10:30, and when they opened at 11, they led the first wave of us around the corner to the other side of the building without telling us why, but we all followed obediently like a herd of dumpling-starved sheep. The new location is more modern, and I agree that it was a much-needed expansion!

        1. Thanks, WHills, for posting about this!

          1. I'm trying to picture where this is:

            * The Old DTF is in a plaza on Baldwin, next to the Phoenix and Life Plaza.

            * Where is the new building exactly?

            Next door to the old plaza where the old DTF is (south) on Baldwin is a Mobil gas station. To the North of the old plaza on Baldwin is Arcadia Bowling. Behind the old DTF plaza is the Chinese Supermarket with Chang's Garden and Sin Bah La. Is it in there?

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              It's between the old DTF plaza and the bowling alley. They were a Wells Fargo there, and the new location is right next to DTF. It's exactly the next plaza.

            2. Thanks for posting this. This is great news.

              1. hi there, planning to visit the new location for DTF, can anyone comment on the operating hours? Is it the same time as the old store? Can anyone comment on the food, is it also the same quality as the old one? thanks,
                friends have recently visited the original location and have mentioned that the food quality has dropped? perhaps its due to the opening of the new location, and also mentioned that getting a table for lunch is not as difficult as it once was, true?

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                  I've been there twice now, and I believe the hours are the same.... as is the food. I couldn't tell the difference. There was no wait to get a table either... that was a plus.

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                    So you could choose to go to one or the other? Or do you have to start at the original location, and they'll take you over to the new one?

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                      Both. You can go to the original and they'll walk you over, or you can just walk over to the new location and they'll seat you. So... I'd just go straight to the new place... you'd get seated faster.

                2. Thanks. I usually go at 5PM or 10:30AM on weekends to avoid the wait.

                  But with double (or more) the capacity, do they still have the same limits to the mini-baos that they only serve during the weekend?

                  1. The new location opened on Thanksgiving day, 2007. Its a brand new, stand alone bulding that's more than 3 years in the making. The narrow, elongated layout is designed to invoke memories of the original DTF location on Shinyi Rd. in Taipei, Taiwan. In terms of sitting capacity, its actually smaller than the existing one inside the Baldwin Plaza. The second floor of the new building is currently not open to public because the City regulates the amount of seating capacity relative to the parking spaces available. Application is currently underway to allow the second floor to be opened on weekends only, when the nearby Wells Fargo Bank is closed for business and addtional parking space becomes available. Timing is still uncertain.

                    The new facility is treated as a sperate restaurant with its own kitchen crew. Menu is the same, hours of operation same. Since not many people know about the new facility, expect the lines at the old store to be twice as long as the new one. On-site table reservations are taken seperately and independently. You can choose one or the other, or both, and wait for the first available opening (but you'll need to talk back and forth between the two stores to check your spot on the queue)

                    In terms of location, its immediately behind the current store, so you'll need to circle around (left or right).

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                      Unfortunately it seems a lot of people know about the newer space when we went the past weekend. It seems to be bigger - at least it seems to have more tables for 4. The entrance is not the door facing Baldwin, but rather towards the back parking lot.

                      I don't know if it's the new kitchen, but the dishes (dumplings and green beans) seems to lack salt.

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                        I think you're on to something, notmartha!
                        This past weekend we ordered the pork fried rice -- delicious at the original location around the corner -- but it was very bland and a little tasteless. Perhaps it was simply in the seasoning. In general, the quality was not quite up to the other location, but the space is nice and I am patient while they get things going.
                        We will definitely return and hope for their success!

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                          I am hoping it's a one time only thing and the kitchen at the new space will improve, otherwise I'll just take my chances at the original one, even though it's not as nice.