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Dec 3, 2007 06:52 AM

destination dining and lodge an hour or so from chicago

looking to buy a gift for someone who lives downtown. i was thinking 1 night and dinner at charming inn about an hour or two from chicago.

any suggestions?

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  1. I should think you'll find something in Lake Geneva.

    1. That's an easy one - The American Club in Kohler Wisconsin. It is two hours away but worth every minute

      1. Living downtown, they can jump on the skyway and be in beautiful harbor country Michigan in just over an hour. there are tons of BnBs, restaurants & wineries to visit. Try for great info on Inns & BnBs. Great restaurants there include Timothy's in the Gordon Beach Inn and Soe restaurant....Up the road, in St. Joe, Michigan there's The Boulevard-a boutique hotel on the lake bluffs with an awesome restaurant The Bistro within the hotel....fantastic views! In the area, tour the Round Barn Winery & Free Run Cellars for world-class wines & brandies. Happy Holidays!

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          1. A night at Starved Rock and the Cajun place (name escapes me) in Utica IL. Place is best cajun outside of NOLA and Inn at Starved Rock is gorgeous in winter.

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              Good choice, Starved Rock is out where I live, about an hour and a half from Chicago

              Cajun Connection
              Utica, Illinois