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Dec 3, 2007 06:15 AM

Disappointed w/ Elliott's, looking for great nontouristy places for oysters in Seattle(?)

In town for a few days and feeling perversely lucky to be wandering around downtown in this stormy weather - its perfect for the fish markets, guys in orange overalls, views of the Sound.

Last night at Elliott's (which a bunch of folks on chound recommend) was a bit of a disappointment. Oysters were good, but didn't like the gimmicky frozen mignonette (it was watery). The rest of our food was incredibly plentiful but just alright. Our waiter was so enthusiastic about everything that we felt like jerks for finding the fish and sides uninspiring.

Anyway, who cares about all that other food? We should have just gotten oysters and skipped the rest. Along that line, I'm wondering if there's a place in the city that's top-notch for just sitting and eating oysters (rest of the menu irrelevant), and that maybe feels less like a Seattle Seaside Themepark and more like a straight-up oyster bar.

Or would we have had a different experience if we'd just sat at the bar at Elliott's...?


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  1. yep, just sit at the bar, it's much better than the dining room ...schukers at the olympic hotel is pretty great for oysters also ...

    1. the draw at elliot's - in addition to the view - is their happy hour policy of oysters progressing in price as the afternoon wanes. if you are not bothered by paying upwards of $2 per oyster, then the advice about shucker's is good or the oyster bar at oceanaire. sadly, our fair city lacks any if the down-n-dirty oysters joints of questionable hygiene but wonderful bivalves so common in other shellfish havens

      1. The bar at Elliott's is better, yes, but I say go back to the market, forget the boys in orange who throw the fish and wander over to Jack's Fish Spot instead.

        Order a dozen on the half-shell and sit at the counter. It doesn't get more bare-bones but it's legit. The cioppino and the fish & chips are pretty good as well.

        1. I always liked The Brooklyn or FX McRory's for oysters. Definitely sit at the bar at FX (or in the bar area... the dining room sucks). The Brooklyn's happy hour oysters are worth the low price.

          Chinook's out at Fisherman's Terminal has a nice view and good oysters as well, and awesome salty buttery garlic bread.

          Dang, now I need to go to Chinooks.

          1. Also the Flying Fish in Belltown. I am not sure, but I think they are still doing oyster happy hour at 0.25 apiece before 6:00 it is hard to beat. Mostly an upscale crowd, after work hipsters scoring a nosh and a cocktail.

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              I have never had good experiences with the oysters at Flying Fish. I want to love them but in my experience, the haven't been shucked well - I always get shell bits. Even though it is a chain, I have always gotten great oysters at Oceanaire (7th & Olive). And as with many of the other recommendations, just sit in the bar.