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Dec 3, 2007 06:12 AM

MSP Best Gyros?

I just had some excellent Gyros. They were from Mediterranean Market on Cedar. It's just north of I-94, across the street from River Square West and Palmer's Bar.

They were carry-out, brought to the office by one of my colleagues. What made them stand apart from the crowd of mediocre Gyros in MSP?

1. The meat had actual, flavorful fresh herbs embedded in the "lamb."
2. It was tender and had crispy crusty bits without being dried out.
3. The pita was tender and fresh.
4. The vegetables were crisp.
5. There was a nice change-of-pace spicy sauce.

I've had Gyros at Holy Land (get the Chicken), Dino's, Gardens of Salonika and Crescent Moon and they were decent, but none were close to Mediterranean Market's Gyros.

Where have you had good Gyros in MSP?

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  1. I love the Gyros at Gardens a great deal as I like to put the spreads on with eat bite. However the meat has been dried out on occasion.

    But the best in our neighborhood are from Holyland. The pita is always hot and fresh and the yogurt a little tangier than most places. Not had them at Med Market yet though.

    1. Holy Land is my favorite. I also like Falafel King in Bloomington (8405 Lyndale Ave S). The ambience is also a lot better than the one in Uptown.

      1. how about black sea on snelling in st paul? i haven't been yet, but their menu looks fabulous!

        1. you know the holy land gyros are not a stand-out imo-- not as good as their other offerings. i think they advertise these as the biggest gyros in town--and they are so HUGE that the flavor is not good sometimes. i love the gyros at shish in st paul. they have a few twists on the gyro formula that make them special. the chicken gyros are generally great there too.

          i believe that the mediterranean deli Jim refers to has changed hands a couple of times in the past 5 years or so. they had really good gyros in the past, then they weren't so good for a while, the place changed hands again. . . so it's good to hear that the gyros are currently tasty!

          1. Being from St.Paul, I'm a big fan of Dinos on Snelling by the fair grounds, now also in
            Woodbury and West St.Paul.
            Not too far from the West St. Paul Dino's is Ali Babbas King of Gyros, they use pocket
            bread instead of pita.
            Also another good place is Pappy's on White bear and Maryland.
            You can also find them at most Best Steak Houses, but quality not as good as
            the other places and a little pricey.

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            1. re: mikemcg62

              My criteria for good gyros are similar to the OP's 1-5 (with less emphasis on the vegetables).

              I don't mean to insult your opinions mikemc, but using those criteria, Dino's (Snelling location and Lakeville) and Ali Baba's are among my least favorite in MSP. That said, I have only been to Ali Baba's twice because the gyros didn't do anything for me. If you are in the neighborhood of Ali Baba's, go across the street and try Beirut for their schwarma (gyros). <---that is how they are listed on the menu. Beirut is also excellent beyond gyros.

              My go-to gyro joint is still the Franklin Halal Market on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Bloomington Avenue in Minneapolis. Bonus for their proximity to Franklin Street Bakery for dessert. Over the last 2-3 years, I've never been disappointed although their fries (the frozen steak fries variety) can be a bit mealy if they pull them out of the fryer too soon. I like frozen steak fries more well-done.

              1. re: MSPD

                I'll have to give Beirut a try, the menu looks great! Passed it many times when I lived in the area and never gave it a second thought.

                1. re: mikemcg62

                  i also like beirut very much & second the rec!

              2. re: mikemcg62

                Still fond of my original Gyros experience some 30 years ago!
                Although they have gone fast food the last couple years, I still get
                a good Gyros every time I go! I'm so glad they opened a store near
                where I work in Woodbury!
                A original Dino's Gyros with heavy onions is a good way to end every day!
                Even saw the Old man there this summer!