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Dec 3, 2007 05:38 AM

Dim Sum near Jacksonville

Is the any where near Jacksonville, Fl where you can get Dim Sum?

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  1. Try Silver Star on the Westside. Here's a couple of threads - no carts, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues only. Also Hong Kong Bistro in Mandarin - I've never been there - very good Indian in the same strip mall at Cilantro, though. More at these threads.

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    1. re: mezzrow

      Thanks I tried em both and they are both quite good!

      1. re: irbaboon

        I am beginning to fear for these restaurants. Hong Kong Bistro have already dropped tripe from it's Dim Sum menu as "not enough people order it" will both of these places go the way of the other places that served Dim Sum in town.

        1. re: irbaboon

          There really isn't any other place in town for dim sum, except the one that's about to open in Tinseltown. (on other end of Mellow Mushroom strip).

          Last time I wanted to try dim sum at HK Bistro, so many items were N/A to order that I just ordered off their regular menu, which of course is the best you can get in town.
          I still stick with Silver Star for dum sum fix.

          1. re: travelingfood

            What's this about one near Tinseltown?
            Also why is the Dim Sum at KK Bistro slipping so bad?

    2. As everyone said here, I would highly recommend "Silver Star" because we just went there to celebrate our engagement ^_^ I was born and came from Hong Kong moved to Jax for just about two years. I almost tried most of dim-sum places in Hong Kong. So, I can tell you if 10 is the best then Silver Star gets 8. Oh yea, because I think dim sum in Toronto and Vancouver are almost 10 - most the dim sum chef migrated there in 90's. Back to Silver Star here, they serve about 20 dim sum in their menu. We tried char siu bau (6 points - this one was not as good as we thought - not juicy enough), we tried har gow (8 point) and siu mar (not Hong Kong style but taste ok - 7 points), we also tried deep-fried wo-gok (taro ball/ dumpling-9 points), shrimp cheung fun (rice noddle roll-8.5), char siu cheung fun (6 points),mini lo-mai-gai (8.5 points - sticky rice with meat & chinese sauage -wrapped in lotus leaves), sin-joke-guen (8.5 points). If they could use fresh shrimp, cheung fun and har gow would be 10. Since we don't eat chicken feet, stripes (my boyfriend is American), I don't know if they taste good or not. I was surprised they don't have egg custard tart (i love it so much) and law-bok-go (carrot cake) because now is Lunar New Year! The dim sum their overall is GOOD - should go try it!

      BTW, We went to HK Bistro once, har-gow and siu mai were not as good as Silver Star or we expected (the chef came from HK too) but their pan-fried law-bok-go and deep-fried dumplings (gow-chez) were good. Their congee was good too. I would give them 7 points.

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      1. I had real good dim sum at Bamboo Creek--near Tinsel Town. No carts when we were there but I think they have them sometimes and sometimes not.

        Great service and a full bar there, too.

        1. re: cflam0625

          I whole-heartedly agree that the dim sim at Silver Star is very good. Thanks to all the advice on these boards, I went to try with some friends this weekend and left very full and happy. I would not have a problem comparing the authenticity and flavor to the dim sim in Monterey Park and San Gabriel in Los Angeles (Southern Ca transplants know what I'm talking about :>). They have a small-ish selection, only about 24 items, but they cover the bases with har gow (very plump shrimp), siu mai (doesn't skimp on filling), sticky rice in lotus leaf, taro balls, spare ribs, rice roll with beef, etc. My friends really like the pan fried leek dumplings and sesame balls (lotus paste).

          I agree with cflam, I wish they had the dan ta egg custard! I was also really excited when I saw they had hot pot, but the hostess said it was not the traditional one and she didn't know any place nearby that did serve hot pot. (If anyone knows of a place, please let me know! Thanks!)

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