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Dec 3, 2007 05:25 AM

Anyone tried Trik Trak on UWS?

It's a Haitian restaurant on Amsterday & 101 Str (or so)....Would love a review/report.

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  1. Did Krik Krak change its name? Read here:
    Go to Brooklyn for great Haitian food.

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    1. re: Ora

      Give it a try! I've been going there for years and have always loved it. True, I did love it a bit more before they did a makeover from a cabbie hangout with a few tables and a counter and a din of animated conversation, to a more sedate upscale restaurant. Still, the lambi (conch in spicy tomato sauce) is terrific, as are the whole kingfish, boulettes (meatballs), legumes (a thick vegetable and meat stew), shrimp in spicy red sauce, etc. All dishes are served with choice of whole boiled plaintain or fried plaintain (which I prefer and is similar to tostones) and either rice and beans or while rice with a side of sauce (the green pea sauce is best). Let us know what you think.

      1. re: Ora

        I was just there last weekend. I thought it was good. The mains were a bit pricey, but the appetizers and desserts were ridiculously cheap, so it more than made up for it. Plus, its byo, which always helps. The food was good and warming, and im glad i went.... but i dont think id make the trek again.